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Northport High School hosts food drive

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Northport High School is donating food to families in need in the community. On April 28, school administrators held a food drive and reported “tremendous success.” For two hours, staff collected food, gift cards and cash donations from local community members. Those interested in donating money could also do so through Venmo and PayPal – the proceeds of which were used to purchase gift cards.

Administration is working with school counselors to identify families in need and to deliver the food and gift cards. In total, the district collected $280 in cash, $715 in gift cards, approximately $2,500 worth of food and supplies, and more than $1,000 via PayPal and Venmo.

“It was truly incredible,” Assistant Principal Denise Keenan said. “I am grateful to everyone who donated, and to Angelo, Donna Mullin, Chris Goodwin, Jessica Mollica and Pete from the high school custodial department for their assistance. So many others offered to come and help, I wish social distancing would have allowed more of us to be there.”