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Crane School of Music Visits NHS

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Northport High School orchestra students received a special treat when Crane School of Music instructors visited their class to not only perform, but offer insightful advice and tips. Cellist Dr. Marie-Elaine Gagnon, violinist Liesl Doty and violist Dr. Shelly Tramposh performed two string pieces for the students, encouraging them to listen to the unique sounds and try and guess the notes. 

The Crane School of Music  at SUNY Potsdam is SUNY’s only All-Steinway institution and is one of only ten Yamaha Institution of Excellence programs nationally. 

Each of the musicians offered a piece of advice for students. Dr. Marie-Elaine Gagnon encouraged students to  “be curious”. “Don’t be shy to ask for help. It’s not just YouTube. There’s people around it’s time to celebrate and to get out of your box.”

“My advice would be to realize that everything we’re learning is a process,” said Liesl Doty. “Sometimes we get caught up in the result or the achievement, but the best is when you fall in love with the process and that process can be practicing or learning or listening.”

Dr. Shelly Tramposh added “These are not instruments that you ever finish learning. It is truly a lifetime process.”