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PRS Students Explore Ecology with Visit to NHS Greenhouse

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Pulaski Road fourth graders enjoyed a unique experience on May 3 while visiting the Northport High School greenhouse. The in-district field trip brought students to the building to learn about ecosystem balance, ecology and native plant science through a series of fun and interactive activities.  

The trip is the first for the district, which hopes to expand the program to all elementary buildings next year. High school science teacher David LaMagna led the students through their lessons, which included “Oh Deer!,” a game which teaches students about the impact that ecosystem imbalance can have on deer population and mixing their own soil to plant a native species. The students learned about how each of their plants could help insects populate their area and the difference between a perennial and annual plant species.  

Throughout the day, students expressed excitement about getting to interact with the greenhouse and gain hands on experience with planting. Mr. LaMagna emphasized the importance of maintaining local ecosystems to ensure species like the monarch butterfly continue to be present in our home communities.  

The trip also inspired students to be excited for additional opportunities in the future when they attend Northport High School. Utilizing the greenhouse for various grade levels and educational opportunities is an ongoing goal of the district science department.