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NHS Environment Team Presents at 2nd Annual Long Island High School Summit

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Northport High School’s Environment Team presented at the 2nd Annual Long Island High School Summit on May 19 sponsored by the Citizens Campaign for the Environment and the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society.  Students presented research on various topics impacting our local ecosystems, including “Presence of Microplastics at Steers Beach, Hobart Beach, Northport Fishing and Boat Ramp at the Stacks, and Northport Harbor,” “Long Island Sound Water Quality Analysis: Cesspools vs Treated Sewage” and “Comparative State of Salt Marshes: Crab Meadow Beach vs Makamah Preserve”
Club advisors have submitted for a grant so students can continue their work in our local area. Two of the projects were new and involved students testing the health of the salt marsh at Crab Meadow while the other consisted of students measuring Nitrogen levels to investigate a comparative analysis of areas with cesspools to areas hooked up to a sewage treatment facility. The third project was a continuation of last year’s work and involved inventorying microplastics. 
Chairperson of Science and Technology David Storch offered his congratulations to the entire environment team and faculty advisors. “We are an integral part of innovative projects designed to tackle current environmental challenges to the Long Island Sound due to their advocacy and activism,” he said.