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Students Embrace New Art Forms with Local Ceramics Instructor Visit

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Local ceramics instructor Gina Mars visited the Northport-East Northport GET SMArT program on Friday, July 15 for a unique ceramics lesson with the program’s art students. Students learned about how to properly mold clay, imprint patterns, connect various pieces and design a keepsake that could be personalized and unique to them. 
As students chose their designs, they began to ask questions about the proper technique and best practices. Ms. Mars explained that her designs and patterns were inspired by “Harry Potter” and that students could draw inspiration from anywhere they like. 
Throughout the class, each student constructed a small bowl-like piece with a cover, which could be used to store small items. They imprinted various natural patterns using simple stencils that mimicked rocks, sand, sticks and other organic materials. Ms. Mars hoped that students would be able to create a “whimsical yet functional piece” through this project. 
Ms. Mars also expressed that she hopes following this class, students will take away their appreciation for art and that one class can really change their life. She herself intended on following a different path, but ultimately received a full scholarship for pottery which led to her current career running a local pottery and ceramics classes for all ages in the Town of Huntington. 
At the conclusion of class, students’ pieces would be placed in the kiln for baking and able to be brought home as souvenirs the following week.