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Director of Student Support Services named NYSSCA Administrator of the Year

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Nominated by district counselors, director of student support services Shannon Dantuono has been named the New York State School Counselors Association (NYSSCA) Administrator of the Year. Mrs. Dantuono was honored during a reception on November 20 in Albany forher outstanding service, achievement and dedication as a leader in support of the school counseling profession and student support services. 

Mrs. Dantuono was nominated by Northport High School counselor Jenny Konop and East Northport Middle School counselor Theresa Braun, with support from the full counseling department, for the award. She has held the role of director for student support services for over four years. Prior to this role, she was an assistant principal at Northport High School for 13 years where she grew relationships with both students and families and earned the respect of her colleagues.  

In her detailed nomination, counselor Jenny Konop shared that Shannon Dantuono has “weathered some of the most tumultuous years in our district’s history,” and detailed her support for both staff and students throughout the pandemic and school district reorganization over the past two and a half years. She was also recognized for her advocacy for students in need, role as chair of the SEL committee, oversight of the PORT (Program of Resilient Teens) Academy and much more.  

“For the last four years in her role as Director of Student Support Services, Shannon has been our leader, our advocate, our champion, and our helping hand in every way imaginable,” said Mrs. Konop.  

Fellow counselor Theresa Braun also shared “Shannon regularly takes the initiative to find new support for staff and students, encouraging us all to keep learning, keep trying and to never give up. She continues to boost morale, shine a spotlight on beneficial programs, and bring new initiatives, all with a smile on her face and a listening ear.” 

Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Student Support Services Louis Bonadonna said “Shannon Dantuono has been a true advocate for the counseling profession and for the continued focus on mental health supports for our students. She is truly deserving of this wonderful achievement.” 

Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer added “Throughout Mrs. Dantuono’s time with this district, she has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students and had a tremendous impact on the counseling department and beyond. We are so thankful for her hard work, caring nature and commitment to our students and our schools.” 

According to the NYSCCA website, the Administrator of the Year Award “recognizes a department, building or district leader who has provided outstanding support to the school counseling profession.”