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East Northport Middle Builds Bonds Within the Global Community

East Northport Middle Builds Bonds Within the Global Community photo thumbnail86090
A group of eighth-graders from East Northport Middle School arrived to school over an hour early on Jan. 12 in order to video chat with students that were already at school, across the world, in India.

This opportunity, organized by teachers Andrew Luberto and Diana Aiello, was made possible by Generation Global. This UK-based organization is part of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, and is committed to fostering positive cultural discussions using student dialogue by opening up a passageway for live video calls between student groups all over the world.

East Northport Middle School students spoke with students from Delhi Public School in India and discussed their own individual traditions and values, what every-day life looks like, and celebrations that are special to the Northport-East Northport community, like Cow Harbor Day.

Indian students discussed their love for different languages, pop culture, and athletic passions that are specific to their country such as kho kho, which is a popular tag-like sport they play.

Students from Delhi Public School also talked about academics, and East Northport students were intrigued to discover that most spoke two languages fluently, and were in the process of learning a third.

Both groups also explored different religious rituals and celebrations—discussing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism and how these religions impact a student’s identity.

All students enjoyed the conversation so much that another video conference is sure to follow—further building bonds of mutual respect within the global community.