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Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

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NHS senior Elliot Macolino has been selected as a recipient of the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship. Along with receiving a $10,000 per year scholarship for four years, Elliot is also guaranteed a paid engineering internship with Amazon after his first year of college.

This prestigious scholarship is only awarded to 100 students nationwide, and is a mark of a student’s incredible aptitude in the areas of engineering, academic excellence, and leadership. In Amazon’s letter to Elliot, they commended him for his help in sparking “a generation of leaders in computer science,” and that the scholarship itself is a reflection of appreciation for all the work he has done in the field of computer science thus far.

Elliot is highly involved in Northport High School’s Academy of Information Technology program, and desires to pursue a career in the informational technology field.

“I am so grateful to have received this scholarship and opportunity,” said Elliot Macolino, “and to have had the privilege to be involved in Northport’s Academy of Informational Technology! It helped me find the direct path to my future.”

Congratulations, Elliot!