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Math and Movement

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Norwood Avenue students combined physical activity with math fluency in a flurry of fast-paced exercises on May 16. Math and Movement, a multi-sensory educational program, visits schools all across the state to encourage children to practice important math concepts by harnessing their natural love of movement. According to multiple research studies conducted, combining math and movement strengthens numeracy and literacy, and helps raise overall math skills.

During the program’s visit, students rotated between activities including a multiplication tables hop-scotch, whisper/loud movements, creating math problems for their classmates by jumping from number to number on a large board, and time-telling on a giant analog clock.

“Our students respond extraordinarily positively to practicing skills in ways that don’t require paper and a pencil,” said Elementary Instructional Coordinator Lindsey Andersen, “so when we bring programs like this into our school, we make sure that it all reinforces what they’re learning in the classroom—and when they leave, those concepts are further ingrained into their minds.”