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June Board of Education Recognitions

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At the district’s last Board meeting of the 2018-19 school year, two outstanding students were recognized: Art Student of the Month Shannon Wines and Music Student of the Month Peter Mainetti. Dr. Izzet Mergen addressed the Board to introduce both the Art Student of the Month, Shannon Wines, and Music Student of the Month, Peter Mainetti.

Shannon was commended by Dr. Izzet Mergen and art teachers throughout her career for having a tremendous talent and work ethic and an incredibly “diverse AP portfolio rendered with stunning visual imagery, but the pieces also deliver her vision into creative and thought-provoking narratives.” Shannon is a recipient of a Scholar Artist Award of Merit at LIU Post, nine Scholastic key awards this year alone, and received a presidential scholarship from Marist College, which she will be attending in the fall for Fashion Design.

Peter Mainetti, an extremely dedicated pianist, violinist, and composer, has participated in nearly all things musical that Northport High School has to offer and succeeded extraordinarily. “Peter Mainetti is singularly the finest musician I have ever had in my music classroom in my 28 years as an educator,” said music teacher Dr. Frank Doyle. Peter has been recognized at local, statewide, and national levels for his compositional work, including a recipient of the Arlene Diamond Award from the Long Island Composers’ Alliance, a NAfME All-National composer, and many more.

Additionally, over 100 students who’ve received a myriad of honors in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math were recognized by the Board, and commended by corresponding department chairs for their extraordinary dedication to their academic career. Examples awards students were recognized for include winning 1st place in the Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair, receiving the Best in Show award at the LI Media Arts Show, and being named a Rensselaer Medal recipient.

For a full list of recognized students, view the attachment below.

Congratulations students!