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Northport Graduates Go Confidently in the Direction of Their Dreams

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The Northport High School Class of 2019 proudly entered the new high school field clad in blue caps and gowns on the sunny morning of June 29. Led by district administration, faculty, and Board members and the familiar melody of “Pomp and Circumstance” played by the high school band, students processed to their seats, smiling and waving as proud family members and loved ones looked on, excited for the day’s commencement exercises.

After principal Daniel Danbusky welcomed all in attendance, thanked the community for their support, and commended the seniors for their hard work and dedication to academic excellence, the Northport High School Choirs then performed a beautiful rendition “Fields of Gold” by Sting.

During her salutatory address, Katie Sierra took time to reflect on the value of graduation day as a crossroads between the past and the future. Katie urged her classmates to thank all the people that have helped them along their journey, and to always live in the present moment.

Before presenting the Class of 2019, Mr. Danbusky shared some words of wisdom with the graduates.

“You never know how one small act can influence those around you,” he told them. “You all have the opportunity to become the greatest generation in history—but it all starts with you.”

Following Mr. Danbusky’s address, Board of Education members presented the diplomas to the Class of 2019. Graduates were congratulated by Mr. Banzer and Mr. Danbusky as they exited the platform.

During his valedictory speech, Nathaniel Wang likened the aspect of gaining self-confidence, which is integral to being successful, to making a pancake for the first time—graduating from making a semi-round pancake to attempting an omelet, and messing up many omelets before making a halfway decent one.

“As you’ve gone through your high school career, this sort of baptism by fire, you may not have even realized the confidence you’ve amassed along the way as you’ve tackled new task after new task. Let this confidence push you to succeed—to do more, to take more risks, and to cook more ‘omelets.’” Nathaniel concluded his speech by quoting Henry David Thoreau, encouraging his classmates to “go confidently” in the direction of their dreams, and to live the life they’ve always imagined.

Class president Maxwell Aftel then led his fellow graduated in the tassel change to symbolize their completion of high school and tossed their caps high into the air, and with their loved ones looking on, proudly processed out as Northport High School Alumni.