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Northport students pledge to drive responsibly

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Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer teamed up with AT&T to bring the “It Can Wait” safe driving campaign to Northport High School on Sept. 23. Seniors learned about the dangers of distracted driving and came face to face with the consequences by watching a short documentary about a 16-year-old who lost his life to a distracted driver. 

Students were encouraged to join more than 38 million others worldwide who have signed a pledge to keep their eyes on the road rather than their smartphones. 

Principal Daniel Danbusky said that nearly nine in 10 people admit to using their phones while driving and approximately nine people are killed every day due to distracted driving.  

“At a time when many teens are preparing for their futures, it is important that we educate them about how the simplest acts, such as looking at a cell phone while driving, can have the largest consequences on their futures.” 

AT&T External Affairs Regional Director Brandon Ray urged the students to be advocates for the movement and spread the “It Can Wait” message on social media. “We need help,” he said, referring to the 38 million pledges. “There’s still a lot more people who are not aware of the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.”