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Northport HS students reflect on summer internships

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To prepare students for the Academy of Finance and Academy of Information technology Employer Recognition Trade Show on Oct. 10, JJ Burns, an investment manager and financial planner in Melville, visited seniors at Northport High School to offer them tips and network strategies.

The seniors recently completed an internship over the summer and, as a requirement of the program, are prepared to showcase what they learned at the trade show at 6:30 p.m. at the high school.

In anticipation of that event, Mr. Burns visited classrooms on Oct. 8 and taught students how to meet, greet, “step in” and “bring in.” He explained that students should arrange their display boards to focus on two “brief but brilliant” takeaways that are real, tactile and relatable.

From there he taught students the proper attire to appear, credible, competent and confident. 

Students then practiced those techniques with their classmates before having an opportunity to do so with the community at the trade show, which AOF Coordinator Allison Schwabish said is also an opportunity to thank the employers for offering student internships. 

“We’re trying to say ‘thank you’ and ‘look at what these students have produced,’” she said.

“It’s empowering for the students to understand what it’s like in the real business world and it’s really enjoyable to see that you’re making a difference in a young person’s life,” Mr. Burns said.