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Students get spooky at STEM Family Night

Students get spooky at STEM Family Night photo thumbnail136471

Students dressed in costumes roamed the halls of Northport High School on Oct. 15 as they participated in more than 25 Halloween-themed STEM activities.

The third annual STEM Family night was a huge success as parents joined their children as they watched in awe as green smoke billowed from a test tube near the Crazy Chemistry Concoctions station.

Kindergarteners through fifth graders enjoyed activities including Sphero and VEX Robots, Turn and Learn Magnetic Gears, 3D spiderwebs and hexbugs, and a variety of math, games, puzzles and engineering challenges. 

Students also took a crack at some growth mindset activities that challenged them to create structures using uncooked spaghetti and mini marshmallows, or build a tower of plastic cups while only using a rubber band and string. A growth mindset is a concept that a person’s abilities can be developed through practice hard work, dedication and motivation. 

“The annual Elementary STEM Family Night was a spooky, spectacular success,” Science, Technology and Engineering Education Chairperson David Storch said.