ENL teachers host collegial circle for colleagues

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Supporting all students in the Northport-East Northport school district continues to be a focus this year, including for English Language Learners (ELLs). To ensure teachers feel well prepared to provide ELLs with the support they need, English as a New Language teachers  (ENLs) have begun hosting collegial circles for their colleagues across all district buildings and grade levels. 
In the first collegial circle on October 6, teachers gathered at Northport High School to learn from ENL teachers and speak with colleagues about successful teaching practices for ELLs. 
District Chairperson for World Language and ENL Jennifer Nesfield explained that the techniques used for ELL students can also be successful for all students. “Some of the simplest tools in an ENL teacher's toolbox help not only ELLs demonstrate comprehension but can help all students feel more successful and independent in their classes,” she said. 
She added “I hope that the teachers who attend this collegial circle come away from this experience feeling empowered to connect more easily with the ELLs and feel confident when designing and modifying assignments that they can use daily to help the students build their academic language.”