NHS Senior Awards Present Scholarships to Over 80 Students

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The 50th Annual Senior Awards Ceremony at Northport High School recognized over 80 seniors being awarded various scholarships from community members and organizations. This special event honors those who have been active in their school, their community and have shown tremendous spirit and resiliency.  

Awards were presented by various members of administration, including Principal Robert Dennis and Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer. Scholarships ranged from $100 up to thousands for students continuing their education or entering the armed forces. Students had to apply for each scholarship, most of which required essays and had various criteria for selecting winners.  

At the end of the event, the district also recognized 88 teachers and staff who were selected as “Staff Members Who Made a Difference.” Principal Dennis recognized that our students’ successes depend on a support system comprised of families, community and teachers.   

Congratulations to these remarkable students on their success!  

Senior Award Scholarship Winners: 

United States Army ROTC Scholarship: Miles Lerner, Philip Greenwood 

United States Army: Kyle Waszczak, James Weaver 

United States Air Force: Anthony Randazzo 

U.S Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program Appointment: Thomas Butler 

United States Marines: Andrew Canales 

United States Navy ROTC: Connor Burns 

Kenneth Losey Education Award: Christina Brocato 

Northport American Legion "Americanism" Award: Renee Cormier, Liam Mickulas-Mesco, Franklin Noonan, Calder Raio, Chloe Reilly, Kurt Wagner 

Rose Ann Madiou Memorial Scholarship: Madeleine Cierski 

Bards Poetry Scholarship: Ella Campbell, Harrison LeBow 

Gifted & Talented Parents' Association Scholarship: Michael Torres 

Fifth Ave School PTA W.I.N.G.S. Scholarship: Brandon Meiner, Corinne Wolk 

Joan Baltman Memorial Scholarship: Liam Mickulas-Mesco 

Nathan Bruckenthal Memorial Scholarship: Michael Monda 

Mrs. Irene Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Skyla Fabbricante, Makenzie Mueller 

Bellerose Avenue Alumni-Jeffrey Conner Memorial Scholarship: Christian Amorosa 

Memorial Scholarships of the Retired-United Teachers of Northport:  

The Irene Eckert Memorial Scholarship: Kailey Maloney 

The Hank Kasven Memorial Scholarship: Olivia DeFeo 

The Retired Teachers of Northport Memorial Scholarship: Isabella Ingraldi 

SEPTA Achievement Award: Eleanor Noonan 

SEPTA Achivement Scholarships, Donated By Huntington Ancient Order Of Hibernians, Divison IV: Louis DeSario, John Giuffre 

Future Special Educator Award: Isabella Germani 

East Northport Middle School PTSA Tiger Pride Scholarship: Brandon Meiner, Carlin Overton 

Jacqueline Kerrigan Memorial Scholarship: Thomas Butler, Andrew Canales 

Pulaski Road PTA P.R.I.D.E. Scholarship: Patrick Hines, Justin Marques 

Dr. William J. Brosnan Scholarship: James Graziano 

Northport High School PTSA Scholarship: Kellen Ryan, Patrick Hines, Jake Zarko 

Dickinson Avenue Alumni Scholarship: Stefany Jimenez, Abigail Uhrin 

Robert Rothar Memorial Scholarship: Jack Breckling 

Judith P. Tracy Memorial Scholarship: Mackenzie Vallas 

Robert Stokes Memorial Scholarship: Allison Reid 

David A. Trachtenberg Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Weigand 

Richard W. Streb Memorial Scholarship: Philip Greenwood, Harrison LeBow 

SCOPE Scholarship: Genevieve Kestler-DeWan 

Northport Middle School PTSA Scholarship: Kellen Ryan, Abigail Uhrin 

Norwood Avenue School PTA, Denise Nicolosi Memorial Scholarship: Tristen Reilly, Kellen Ryan 

Robert Lichtenstein Memorial Scholarship: Karl Leonard 

Veronica Franco Memorial Scholarship: Miles Lerner, Ava Pearlman 

Northport-East Northport Clerical Union and Office Staff Association Scholarship: Dylan McNaughton, Carlin Overton 

Caleb Paquet Memorial Scholarship: Artiom Charland, Eric Heinecker 

Michael R. Dunat Memorial Scholarship: John Giuffre 

Northport/East Npt. Teacher Aide Scholarship: Kelly Holden, Karina  Jimenez 

Ocean Avenue School PTA Scholarship: John Corr, Karl Leonard 

Northport-East Northport PTA Council Scholarship: Lisa Kovacs, Patrick Sweeney 

Leslie Spanko Memorial Scholarship: Harrison LeBow 

Stephen A. Rigos Memorial Scholarship: John Giuffre 

Kathleen "Cookie" Amato Nursing Scholarship : Chloe Reilly 

Kathleen "Cookie" Amato Memorial Scholarship: Liam Mickulas-Mesco 

Ramon Guerrero Memorial Marching Band Scholarship: Juliette Bonchonsky 

Happy School Bus Scholarship: Ashley Dawson, Shane McGlone 

East Northport Rotary Club-Fred Marin Scholarship: Soraya Basrai, Logan Burkart 

Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk - Helen Strobl Memorial Scholarship: Colleen Conroy 

Northport Chamber of Commerce Joseph A. Pidal Jr. Scholarship: Alexa Shekian 

Steven G. Carr Memorial: Andrew Carlson 

Lieutenant Commander Christopher C. Tragna Memorial Scholarship: Katelyn Trainor 

You Gotta Have "FRIENNDS" Scholarship: Ava Lynch, Justin Marques, Michael Monda, Carlin Overton, Calder Raio 

Marine Corporal Christopher G. Scherer Memorial Scholarship: James Weaver 

Corporal Scherer Marine Scholarship: Andrew Canales 

United Teachers of Northport Scholarship: Christina Brocato, Ella McGorry, Raymond Moreno, Connor Simmons, Heather Tuohy 

Cynthia M. Spina Memorial Scholarship: Amelia Bernhard 

Joseph P. Fazio Memorial Scholarship: Eleanor Noonan 

ELC Carole Gandy Memorial Scholarship: Kayley Brummel 

Asharoken Garden Club Scholarship: Calder Raio 

Charles and Helen Reichert Family Foundation Scholarship: Catherine Conlin 

Ft. Salonga Market (IGA) Richard G. Costello Memorial Scholarship: Francesca Molesso 

Lillian S. Brueggemann Educational Scholarship: Emily Sylvanus 

Northport Rotary Scholarships:  

Rotary "Service Above Self" Scholarship: Dorant Esty 

Rotary Interact/RYLA Scholarship: Stefany Jimenez 

Northport-East Northport Kiwanis Club Scholarships:  

Donald F. Hewson  Scholarship: John Giuffre 

John Ryder Scholarship: Nisanur Demiroglu 

James Loomer Scholarship: Mackenzie Vallas 

William H. Kelly Good Citizenship Award: Michael Monda 

Richard Becher Safety in Sports Scholarship: Dylan McNaughton, Ava Pearlman 

The Ericson Family Fund Scholarship: Esther Loring 

Henrietta F. Ackerly Memorial Scholarship: Bryan Avila, Andrew Carlson, Victoria Cipollino, Olivia Jaworski, Kelly Kropp, Rachel Mincone, Paola Powers, Olivia Slevin, Grace Wertheimer, Hayley Zaharis 

Great Cow Harbor 10K Run Scholarship: Miles Lerner, Allison Reid 

Louis J. Acompora Memorial Scholarship Winner: Miles Lerner; Finalists: Lisa Kovacs, Madison McLoughlin, Jennifer Weigand 

The Nursing Scholarship: Soraya Basrai, Colleen Conroy, Erin Gibbons, Iveth Granados, Allison Reid, Chloe Reilly, Jonathan Yuen