U.S. Coast Guard Gives Lesson on Flag Etiquette to Ocean Avenue Students

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Fourth graders at Ocean Avenue School spent time this week learning about the meaning of the United States flag and how to appropriately handle it from members of the United States Coast Guard.  

Four officers stationed in Eaton’s Neck visited the school to explain the meaning behind the stars, stripes and overall flag design to students. They also thoroughly reviewed the strict procedures for handling an official U.S. flag, which include folding it so that no color red is visible and always passing it in the correct direction.  

Students first watched as the officers swiftly and neatly folded the flag and then viewed the correct way to raise and lower it, always avoiding the flag touching the ground. Officers then worked with groups of students to practice folding the flag.  

Students who choose to participate in the school’s leadership club will have the responsibility of raising and lowering the school’s flag each day, so the lesson was an important one as they prepare to take over that task.