Northport student spotlight: Alexa Valentino

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Since the beginning of the school year, Northport Middle School student Alexa Valentino has been busy with schoolwork—but also with her aspiring career as a musician and actress.

At 12 years old, Valentino has already released multiple singles, and had roles in films, web series, and Off-Broadway productions. Being a member of National Honor Society, Northport’s Tour Choir, as well as advocating for anti-bullying, makes juggling a growing career difficult—but she manages.
“One thing that my mom taught me as things started to take off was that balance was the key,” Valentino explained. “Completing all my responsibilities, while always making sure that I got down-time, was super important. It taught me how to grow up, and be more responsible.”

In regard to her love for music and acting, she recalled teachers within the Northport-East Northport district who inspired and encouraged her to follow her dreams. Her fourth-grade Dickinson Avenue teacher, Mrs. Fee, shared her love of Broadway, and came to see many of the Off-Broadway shows she secured roles in.

“I remember when I did my first Off-Broadway show,” Valentino recounted. “Mrs. Fee came all the way to the city to see me perform. Her support meant so much to me.”

Since the end of the summer, Alexa has performed at the Labor Day Bash at Wildwood Pier, the East Northport Festival, and in front of PETCO, singing sweet tunes and raising nearly $1,000 for animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. She plans to continue following her dreams now, and in the future.
“I never want to give up my pursuit for success in the arts,” Valentino declared, “and I will do my best to use my voice to speak for causes I believe in.”