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Northport High School

On-Site Admissions


General Instructions for All Participants:

· Review requirements for participation and available fee waiver codes.

· AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR APPT DATE turn in your completed Student Transcript Request form to your counselor AND submit your completed application ONLINE.

· We will provide a copy of your transcript, letters of recommendation and SAT/ACT scores from Naviance.

· You must bring a copy of your essay and activity resume to your appointment.

· You will be excused from class, but are responsible for any missed work.

· "Dress to Impress" for you on-site interview.






Fri. Dec. 6

You MUST apply by: 11/29
Minimum GPA: 83; SAT 1090 (CR/Math); ACT 21; Essay; Letter of Recommendation; Activity Resume (highly recommended)
Apply using the Adelphi Application, Common Application or Coalition Application
Application Fee Waiver Code: ADELPHI

SUNY Brockport

Wed. Dec 4

You MUST apply by 11/27
Minimum GPA: 80; SAT 1080; ACT 21; Essay, Letter of Recommendation; Activity Resume
Apply online SUNY or Common App; $50 application fee; SUNY Fee Waiver accepted if qualified


Mon. Dec. 2

You MUST apply by 11/25
Minimum GPA: 83; SAT 1080; ACT 21;
Essay, Letter of Recommendation; Activity Resume Apply online SUNY/Common App;
$50 application fee; SUNY Fee Waiver accepted if qualified
No nursing, visual communications, professional pilot or dental hygiene decisions

LIU Post

Mon, Nov. 18

You MUST apply by: 11/11
Minimum GPA: 80; SAT 1000 (CR/Math); ACT 19; Letter of Recommendation
Apply using: or the Common Application.
Application Fee Waiver Code: ONSITE

Mercy College

Mon. Dec. 9

You MUST apply by: 12/2

Minimum GPA: 80+; Essay & Letters of recommendation optional, but recommended; SAT/ACT optional
Apply online

Application Fee Waiver Code: JA2018

Nassau CCC

Fri. Dec. 13

You MUST apply by: 12/8
Register and apply online at (degree seeking freshman)
Application Fee: $40

St. John's

Wed. Nov. 27

You MUST apply by 11/20
Minimum GPA: 85; SAT 1070; ACT 23; Essay; Letter of Recommendation
Apply Online:; No application fee
Test optional, pharmacy, FA or art applicants will NOT receive decisions

St. Joseph's

Mon. Nov. 25

You MUST apply by 11/18

Minimum GPA: 85; SAT 1100; ACT 21; Essay; Letters of Recommendation; Activity Resume
You can apply online at or Common App
Application Fee Waiver Code: GOSJC
No nursing or biology decisions

Suffolk CCC

Tues. Dec. 3
Thurs. Dec. 5

You MUST apply ONE WEEK prior to your appointment date
Register and apply online: PRINT and BRING a copy of the Application Summary Page to your appointment.
Application fee of $40.00 will be deferred and billed with tuition and fees.
SAT/ACT scores are not required but can be used to waive part/all placement tests



The staff of the Counseling Center has arranged for nine colleges to conduct on-site admissions at Northport High School. This is an opportunity for students to meet individually with an admissions representative who will review their credentials and offer an immediate decision regarding admissions.

Students can now pick up transcript request forms and schedule their onsite interviews in the Counseling Center.


1. Schedule an interview and receive a transcript request form

2. Make an appointment to see your counselor

3. Complete the school's online application prior to your scheduled interview

The colleges require students to apply online. If you need help completing an application, make an appointment with your school counselor. The Counseling Center Staff will provide the college admissions representative with copies of your transcript, SAT/ACT scores and Letters of Recommendation (if required).

The on-site admissions process has been a valuable and successful program for the past several years. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 262-6730.