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Northport High School

Scheduling and Course Catalog


Elective Courses 2020 - 21

4 Year Planning Sheet

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Honors Designation – Class of 2018 and Beyond

As recognition of outstanding academic achievement, the top 15% of the Class of 2018 will be honored using the following tiered system of graduation honors in lieu of class rank:
* Summa Cum Laude - Top 2% of the graduating class
* Magna Cum Laude - the next 5% of the graduating class
* Cum Laude - the next 8% of the graduating class

We are very excited to have an opportunity to honor our scholars for their dedication to academic excellence. Students whose cumulative weighted GPA fall in the above categories will be bestowed one of these prestigious distinctions. These honors will be finalized upon completion of the third marking period, at which time seniors will be notified by their school counselor. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be identified upon completion of the third making period as well.


Northport High School Course Selection

Course selection for a student's program at Northport High School requires input from teachers, counselors, parents and academic chair people. Teachers of record make course recommendations for their students based on discussions, ability, and past performance.  These recommendations drive student schedule choices for the next school year.

Course selection for entering ninth graders takes place at the middle school. Parents are invited to evening parent meetings at the middle schools, an Incoming Ninth Grade Parent Orientation Night at the high school and four-year planning meetings with the middle school counselors. At these meetings, counselors will explain high school graduation requirements, ninth grade course selection and assist the student and parents with developing a four-year plan for high school.

At the high school, the process of course selection begins when parents are invited to the high school Counseling Center's Guidance Planning Night.  Current junior parents are also invited to individual conferences with the counselor and their child. 

The high school counseling center offers a planning night for parents of freshmen, sophomores and juniors to begin the process of course selection.  

For course selection, students meet with their counselor for individual planning sessions to select courses for next year.

Parents are requested to utilize the Parent Portal ( to view the course verification sheet. 


Wilson Tech is a very valuable opportunity and offers a variety of programs within the following careers:  Construction, Graphics & Media, Health, Service, Technology, and Transportation.  For a complete listing and description of individual programs, please visit Wilson Tech’s website at:

For those 11th and 12th grade students interested in attending Wilson Tech, get more information on the programs offered here