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Northport High School

Scholarship Information

Google Classroom Online Scholarship Packet Information & Directions

Important Instructions for Students Applying for Scholarships:

SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST FORM: Students must fill out a scholarship request form when applying for scholarships that require a copy of the student's transcript. If the student is under 18 years of age, the student's parent or guardian must also sign the scholarship release form. Scholarship request forms are available in the Counseling Center.

OFFICIAL COPY OF TRANSCRIPT: If the scholarship application requires an “official copy” of the student’s transcript, the student must bring in the completed application to the Counseling Center along with an envelope addressed to the appropriate institution or organization. An official transcript will then be included and mailed in the same envelope.

DOCUMENTS: The student must supply all required documents (activity resume, essay, etc.). Exception: the Counseling Center will include a copy of the counselor’s letter of recommendation.

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINES: Please allow sufficient time for the Counseling Center to process scholarship applications. Applications should be submitted at least 5 days before the required deadline. Please be aware that certain applications state that they must be postmarked by a certain date while other applications state that they must be received by a certain date.

COPIES:   Students should make copies of all scholarship applications before submitting them to the Counseling Center.

MAILING: If the application is being sent from the Counseling Center, students must supply an envelope addressed to the appropriate institution or organization.


The NYS STEM Incentive Program provides a full SUNY tuition scholarship to the top 10 percent of students in each NYS high school if they pursue a STEM degree in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program and agree to live in NYS and work in a STEM field in NYS for five years after graduation.


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