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Northport Middle School

Counseling Center


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Counseling Staff (631) 262-6756
Ms. Kasey Locascio: Grade 5 (631)262-6757
Ms. Samantha McCool: Grade 6 (631) 262-6673
Ms. Elyse Pellicano: Grade 7 (631) 439-7430
Ms. Stacey Chertock: Grade 8 (631) 262-6758

Mission Statement
The Northport Guidance and Counseling Department is committed to helping students attain their full academic potential, foster responsibility, independence and develop a sense of self-worth as they strive to identify and clarify personal values and goals, through a supportive counseling relationship with students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

The Northport Middle School Counseling Program is a purposeful, developmental approach designed to produce responsible and reliable young adults. Students are provided with a comprehensive knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses to aid in the fullest development of their abilities, aptitudes, interests and personal traits.

Developmental guidance and counseling services allow counselors to expand their roles beyond the traditional role of counselor as a “problem solver” or “reactive agent.” The services counselors provide are the decisive roles of coordinator, consultant, teacher and manager, as well as that of professional counselor dedicated to personal/social, career and academic development of all students.

Comprehensive Developmental Counseling Plan
The Counseling Program: Function of the counselor’s responsibilities includes the organization and implementation of classroom counseling, group counseling, teacher advisement, and peer programs.

Individual Planning: Functions of the counselor in this component include individual advisement, placement and individual appraisal. Responsive Services: The counselor’s responsibilities include group counseling, consultation, information dissemination and referral.

What is the role of the counselor?
Works with individuals and groups
Helps identify needs of students
Encourages better inter-personal relationships
Promotes positive attitudes and choices
Aids teachers and parents in helping students
Assists people in making use of community resources
Lends support to school, career and personal plans
Maintains confidences
Helps students develop self-understanding and self-awareness
Provides opportunities for students to feel successful
Coordinates parent/team conferences
Academic Advisement
Monitoring of  student progress

Grade Level Highlights
Sixth Grade- The counselor works very closely with the sixth grade teachers to assist in the successful adjustment to the middle school environment. Programming for sixth graders will include workshops on bullying prevention and sexual harassment presented by SCOPE. Sixth graders will also participate in our interactive “New Entrant Lunch Groups” to meet their counselor and develop relationships with new classmates.

Seventh Grade- The seventh grade program highlights the career segment of our developmental counseling model. Using the Career Futures Program, housed in our computer labs, each student is guided through a personal interest inventory including exploration of the various career choices available to them. In addition, students are presented with information on both character education and stress management.

Eighth Grade- Eighth grade is a very busy and exciting year. The students have an opportunity to explore a myriad of elective courses. Students continue on with the Career Futures program with a focus on resume writing. In addition, students will participate in the intense high school planning process; culminating with a ninth grade schedule and four year high school plan.