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Norwood Avenue Elementary School

Principal's Message

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Welcome to Norwood Avenue Elementary School!  I am pleased to welcome you to a truly wonderful place.  Here at Norwood, students learn, play, sing, dance, create, and grow on a daily basis.  We are committed to the whole child and we are so proud of how our students perform.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns any time.

- Dr. Michael Genovese


What’s New In Our School District?

The world of education is always changing.  Each year, we add new technologies, curriculum, and programs to enhance our students’ learning experience.

We are continuing our transition to the Common Core Learning Standards. The CCLS are a set of standards, or topics, that will be covered in each grade level and in each subject area.  New York State previously followed its own set of standards but has agreed to be included in the national movement known as CCLS.  The “Common Core” reflects the idea that students may learn better with fewer overall standards and more in depth exploration of each standard.  In other words, CCLS could be described as narrower and deeper.  We will incorporate all available resources, including GoMath and our balanced literacy program, as we align to the Common Core.

We continue to integrate new technologies into the educational process.  Norwood is now 100% outfitted with Smart Boards and all students are accessing this technology during the day.  We are also moving forward with individualized instruction using NWEA and Compass Learning.  All students are making use of our computer lab as well as mobile labs that use tablet computers.

More than ever before, parents have access to our classrooms through a variety of online resources. Please visit each of the pages on this site for useful information.