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Ocean Avenue Elementary School

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1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Monthly Newsletter

Ms. Stummer

Mrs. Wylie

Mrs. Hayes

Mrs. Viggiano

Mrs. Anderson

Ms. DePalo

Ms. Moy

Ms. Bisson


 Ms. Lynch

Ms. Lang

Mrs. Unter








4th Grade

5th Grade


Reading / AIS

Special Areas

Ms. Nelson

Mr. Buscareno

Ms. Epstein - Reading Teacher

 Art - Ms. Wine,
Ms. Murray 

Ms. Ternullo

Mr. Nelson

Ms. Fucci - Reading

Ms. Garofalo - Reading

PE - Ms. Norman/ Mr. Degregorio/Ms. DiPietro

Ms. Fargnoli

Ms. Campbell

Mrs. Pandolfi - Math


Library- Ms. Haar
(Web Page) Planbook

Orchestra - Mr. Sussino

Band - Mr. Lippe

Classroom Music - Mr. Fujarski, Mr. Lippe and Ms. Vietez

 Special Education



Ms. Hommel
Ms. K. O'Gara
Ms. Johnson

 Ms. Karn

Ms. Pellegrino





Instructional Coordinator

 Ms. Latchford

Ms. Roth

 Ms. Laverty






Instructional Technology




 Ms. Baranaskas