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VIDEO: Fifth Avenue’s Hall of Presidents

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Senior Named Distinguished Finalist in Community Service Program

Senior Named Distinguished Finalist in Community Service Program photo
Senior Named Distinguished Finalist in Community Service Program photo 2
Northport High School senior Zoe Perles was named one of eight distinguished finalists in the 2018 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in New York. This program is the nation’s largest youth-recognition program that is based on volunteer and community service alone.

Zoe, raised in a home where serving the community and the less fortunate was a regular occurrence, has been committed to helping others for over 13 years. Zoe co-founded an annual Halloween bake sale that raises money for the food pantry at First Presbyterian Church in Northport.

“I was exposed to the ideas of poverty and hardship at young age,” said Zoe, “and it helped me recognize other people’s plights as my own. Since then, I never wanted to stop helping others.”

Since the fundraiser’s creation over ten years ago, approximately $12,000 has been raised and donated to the food pantry. Zoe now publicizes the sale through media and community outreach, and leads over thirty student volunteers each year. Although headed to college in the fall, she would like to stay close enough to home that traveling back to help with the fundraiser will still be possible.

In the near future, Zoe will be awarded a bronze medallion to honor her for this prestigious award.

“I know I’ll carry the lessons I’ve learned through helping others with me for the rest of my life,” Zoe said.

Sweets and Hearts at Northport Middle

Sweets and Hearts at Northport Middle photo
Sweets and Hearts at Northport Middle photo 2
Sweets and Hearts at Northport Middle photo 3
Sweets and Hearts at Northport Middle photo 4
Members of the community service club at Northport Middle School had some Valentine’s Day fun with members of the local senior residency, Atria of East Northport, on Feb. 8. During the event, students made valentines, had snacks, and played board games with some of the residents. This event was conceived and planned mainly by the students.

“They came up with the idea to have this event, and they planned the whole thing,” said Danielle Cardinale, and one of the supervisors of community service club. “They even brought in the food themselves – they’re such sweet kids.”

The community service club is made up of approximately 20 students that plan monthly community outreach. The club puts on holiday fundraisers, participates in activities like community outreach and literacy events, and more.

“I really love being a part of this club because doing nice things for people is just so fun,” said seventh grader Briana, “and I like getting to know people I wouldn’t normally get to spend time with.”

Going the Extra Mile at East Northport Middle

Going the Extra Mile at East Northport Middle photo
Going the Extra Mile at East Northport Middle photo 2
P.S. I Love You Day was celebrated at East Northport Middle School on Feb. 9.

The goal of this day, which is held the Friday before Valentine’s Day every year, is to bring awareness to students of how important it is to spread love and kindness to prevent unnecessary loss of lives from suicide.

Members of the Unity Club encouraged peers to wear purple to represent their commitment to stand up against bullying, help end depression, and ultimately prevent suicide. This year’s theme was “go the extra mile.”

“This day is so important, especially for middle school students, because at this age many of them feel like they’re on the outside,” Unity Club advisor Sandra Leahy said.

Throughout the day, students and faculty had the opportunity to articulate what love and friendship means, to take photos together, and to go out of their way to be kind to one another.

“It’s important that kids understand how to be kind and to include each other,” eighth grader Carlin said. “It’s a skill we’re going to need for the rest of our lives. No one should ever feel like they’re alone.”

The Creative Process with Author George O’Connor

The Creative Process with Author George O’Connor photo
The Creative Process with Author George O’Connor photo 2
The Creative Process with Author George O’Connor photo 3
George O’Connor, author and illustrator of the New-York Times best-selling series “Olympians,” visited middle school students on Feb. 7.

O’Connor travels all over the world to speak with students about his books and about the creative process. He discussed topics including how his interest in writing and art began, experiencing writer’s block, and not being afraid to make mistakes. During his presentation, O’Connor showed students a few of his first character-sketches, and even pointed out a mistake on his first book’s final cover.

“No piece of art is ever perfect,” O’Connor told the students, “so don’t you ever give up, just because something you’ve created is imperfect.”

During his presentation, O’Connor also demonstrated a quick sketch of one of his characters, that was clocked at 25 seconds by one of the students.

“One of my favorite parts of these visits is watching the kids’ faces light up when they have this moment of understanding that they’re not the only ones who struggle with the creative process,” O’Connor said. “That they’re not the only ones who are afraid of messing up.”

Aspirations of Future Educating

Aspirations of Future Educating photo
At the district’s most recent Board of Education meeting, high school senior Brianna McQuade was recognized for being selected as the Family and Consumer Science Student of the Month.

Brianna, a bright and hard-working young woman, has shown an inclination in the area of education, and has been an active member of the high school’s Future Educators Association (FEA) since her freshman year. She now serves as the co-president of the association, and helps organize many FEA activities to serve children and families in the local community.

“Brianna has a unique manner of connecting with children,” said Assistant Principal Richard McAllister, “and she is a wonderful role model for these children, as well as her peers.”

In addition, Brianna also volunteers her time by spending it with children in the community, working with the Northport Community Theatre, Camp Anchor, and more—and is considering attending Pace University to study education in the fall.


If you are interested in the surplus equipment sale, the bid packet and instructions for viewing may be obtained at the District Purchasing Office, Room 215, in the William J. Brosnan School, 158 Laurel Avenue, Northport, New York beginning February 15, 2018. Bids must be returned by 3:00 p.m. Monday, February 26, 2018.

The items will be available to view February 20 and 21, 2018 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. by appointment only.

For more information, please contact the District Purchasing Department at 631-262-6640.

Experiencing the Art of Ancient Chinese Dance

Experiencing the Art of Ancient Chinese Dance photo
Experiencing the Art of Ancient Chinese Dance photo 2
Northport and East Northport sixth-graders were treated to an exciting display of culture and history on Jan. 30. The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, a multi-cultural and interactive dance program with bright costumes and mesmerizing props, came to perform for the students.

The performances brought the audience on an explorative journey of the Chinese culture, which is one of the most ancient cultures in the world. The program included a detailed explanation of the background of each dance, informing the audience of the historical context, geography and the practice of traditional dance.

The dancers encouraged students to participate throughout the program, and selected students were invited on stage to learn how to dance with silk ribbons.

Northport Track Team Named Suffolk County Champs

Northport Track Team Named Suffolk County Champs photo
Northport High School’s boys winter track and field team defeated Brentwood High School on Feb. 5., making them this season’s Suffolk County Champions.

Team members Isaiah Claiborne, Elijah Claiborne, and Dan O’Connor contributed to this victory with high placements in the 1000, 1600, and 1200 meter runs.

“It was a great team victory, anchored by the strong distance trio of Isaiah, Elijah and Dan,” said head coach Jason Strom.

View the News12 interview of athletes Isaiah and Elijah Claiborne here.

High School Arts and Literature Magazine Selected for Awards of Excellence

High School Arts and Literature Magazine Selected for Awards of Excellence photo
Northport High School’s Art and Literature Magazine, the Amaranth, was recently selected for both national and state-wide awards for the 2016-2017 school year.

This art and literary magazine club is advised by high school English teacher Kelly Baldwin and Fine Arts teacher John DeRosa. and is comprised of high school students who are responsible for the production in its entirety. Students write poetry and prose, create paintings and photographs, select submissions from classmates, edit, and more.

The Amaranth won a third-place award in the annual American Scholastic Press Association’s magazine competition for the 2016-2017 school year. This organization believes that creating a publication teaches students the fundamentals of publishing, creative writing, concepts of design, and more, and the organization believed that the Amaranth showed dedication to excellence in these areas.

“I feel that it is well deserved, as well as exciting, to see that all of the club’s hard work has paid off,” said club advisor Mrs. Baldwin.

In addition, the Amaranth was recommended for the highest award for New York State from the National Council of Teachers of English, or NCTE. Northport’s publication was one of 10 to be recommended for the highest award.

Both awards were based on the 2016-17 school year’s publication. Participating students were Julia Aherns, Rachel Buda, Michaela Caruso, Madeleine Corrigan, Maya Dengler, Jack Dunckley, Tina Guo, Leilani Kaiser, Caroline Hines, Ciara Lavin, who is the current Editor in Chief, Erica Marill, Emily McDevitt, Zoe Perles, Natalie Thieke, Zachary Sackstein, Sofia Sawchuk, Ceylan Swenson.

English Teachers Honored for State-Wide Excellence

English Teachers Honored for State-Wide Excellence photo
Northport High School English teachers Pamela Uruburu and Elizabeth Sherwood were recently named Educators of Excellence by the New York State English Council for the 2016-17 school year. Uruburu and Sherwood were honored at the NYSEC’s conference in Albany this past fall.

“I'm deeply honored by this recognition,” said Ms. Uruburu, “and after 28 years as an educator, I’m still excited by each new year’s possibilities.”

Inspirational Former Northport Teacher Raises Awareness for ALS

Inspirational Former Northport Teacher Raises Awareness for ALS photo
Inspirational Former Northport Teacher Raises Awareness for ALS photo 2
Inspirational Former Northport Teacher Raises Awareness for ALS photo 3

Former Northport teacher and local inspiration Chris Pendergast recently visited schools throughout the district. Mr. Pendergast has been fighting Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, for many years. He is a remarkable and tenacious individual who is using his illness to help raise awareness for the ALS cause, and hopes to contribute to one day finding a cure.

During each assembly, Dick Iannuzzi, the president of the New York State United Teachers and a friend of Mr. Pendergast’s, introduced himself and Mr. Pendergast to the students. Mr. Iannuzzi travels with Mr. Pendergast to be his voice, and to contribute to spreading awareness for ALS. He encouraged the children to make observations and hypotheses about Mr. Pendergast’s condition, and students had many questions.

“How did you feel when you found out you had the disease?” a fifth-grade student from Bellerose Avenue Elementary School asked.

“At first, I was sad, angry, and frustrated,” Mr. Pendergast said. “But when I decided to dedicate my life to helping other people, I realized that I was helping myself, too. And I’m much less sad now.”

While Mr. Iannuzzi presented, Mr. Pendergast was able to interject using a special computer attached to his wheelchair. This computer enabled him to type using his eyes, and to speak with a computerized voice. Students were amazed at this technology and at his ability to type quickly using only his eyes.

Mr. Iannuzzi shared Mr. Pendergast’s story, informing students about his initial symptoms, the effects of the disease, and how miraculous it is the Mr. Pendergast is still able to travel around to spread awareness. In addition, he explained Ride for Life – the charity that Mr. Pendergast formed four years after he was diagnosed with ALS.

“Chris is living proof that if you dedicate your life to a cause, you can make a difference,” said Mr. Iannuzzi.


Northport Powdered Wigs Presents: The Music Man

Click here to view the flyer

“Investigate” Students and Technology and Engineering Honor Society Work Together

Work Together photo

Northport-East Northport’s Junior Solar Sprint competitors held their first meeting on Jan. 25. This competition, available to students for the first time this year, is open the district’s fourth-graders in the “Investigate” program. This program is currently comprised of approximately 20 students who all show an aptitude for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

At each meeting, student-teams will work together towards the goal of creating the fastest and best-crafted solar vehicles possible. In order to make this possible, teams were matched with a “mentor” from the high school’s technology and engineering honor society. In June, teams will compete in an island-wide competition at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. In this competition, students are judged not only on how fast their creations can move, but on elements such as creativity, innovation, quality of work, and more.

During their first meeting at the high school, teams went through the beginning stages of creating their solar-powered vehicles. Students sketched out plans, cut and soldered materials, and started to construct their vehicles—all with their mentors by their side, guiding them.

“I like that we’re getting to do something that we don’t normally do in class,” said Jillian, a fourth-grader from Norwood, as she hot glued an axel to her project. “And when we mess up, we get to keep trying until we fix it.”

“And in a way, sometimes we learn more when we mess up,” added Jack, a junior at Northport High School, who was one of the volunteer mentors for the program.

Northport-East Northport staff members Fran Bertos and Brianne Furstein, the “Investigate” program facilitators, worked with high school technology teacher George Searing and District Chairperson of Science and Technology David Storch to make this program into a reality.

“It really is an invaluable opportunity for these students,” said Mr. Searing. “and it’s a rewarding experience to watch our volunteers eagerly share their knowledge with young students who are clearly hungry for it.”

VIDEO: Iron Chef Northport


Flu Season Information

In response to a very active flu season in our area, the district would like to provide you with information regarding influenza from the Centers for Disease Control, as well as a Flu Guide for Parents. For your information, to prevent the spread of viruses such as influenza and the common cold, the district utilizes Virex II 256, which is a broad-spectrum cleaning product which provides protection from viruses and microorganisms (including HBV, HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, GRSA, MRSE, VISA, PRSP, Herpes Simplex Types 1&2, Influenza Type A2, Adenovirus, Rotavirus etc.).

If you have specific questions or concerns about your child's health, you are encouraged to contact your health care provider.
Please click on the following links below for information regarding influenza, how it is spread, and how you can protect your children.

Centers for Disease Control:
The Flu: A Guide for Parents:

Winter Newsletter Now Available


East Northport Middle Builds Bonds Within the Global Community

East Northport Middle Builds Bonds Within the Global Community photo
A group of eighth-graders from East Northport Middle School arrived to school over an hour early on Jan. 12 in order to video chat with students that were already at school, across the world, in India.

This opportunity, organized by teachers Andrew Luberto and Diana Aiello, was made possible by Generation Global. This UK-based organization is part of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, and is committed to fostering positive cultural discussions using student dialogue by opening up a passageway for live video calls between student groups all over the world.

East Northport Middle School students spoke with students from Delhi Public School in India and discussed their own individual traditions and values, what every-day life looks like, and celebrations that are special to the Northport-East Northport community, like Cow Harbor Day.

Indian students discussed their love for different languages, pop culture, and athletic passions that are specific to their country such as kho kho, which is a popular tag-like sport they play.

Students from Delhi Public School also talked about academics, and East Northport students were intrigued to discover that most spoke two languages fluently, and were in the process of learning a third.

Both groups also explored different religious rituals and celebrations—discussing Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism and how these religions impact a student’s identity.

All students enjoyed the conversation so much that another video conference is sure to follow—further building bonds of mutual respect within the global community.

Fifth Avenue Student Wins Island-Wide Essay Contest

Fifth Avenue Student Wins Island-Wide Essay Contest photo

Megan Heffernan, a third-grader from Fifth Avenue Elementary School, won TD Bank’s “Take a Duck to Class” essay contest this month.

For this contest, the essay prompt asked “Who is a hero in your community, and why?” Students were required to answer in 250 words or less, and submit their essay online. Megan’s winning entry, chosen from a pool of thousands of essays, was one of four island-wide. The essay focused on her father – the Chief of the East Northport Fire Department, a police officer, and an Army veteran. On Jan. 12, the Long Island Ducks and TD Bank representatives visited Megan and her peers at school, and held a special assembly to honor both Megan and her father. Megan was given an opportunity to read her essay in front of her classmates and family members.

“He helps so many people in so many ways,” Megan read aloud. “He is generous, kind, brave…and has a huge heart.”

Afterwards, TD Bank representatives presented Megan with a $50 Visa gift card to congratulate her for her winning essay—and the Ducks’ mascot QuackerJack made a special appearance, to the delight of all the children.

Megan and her classmates then had their own special session with the mascot, where they were given bags filled with items courtesy of TD Bank and the Long Island Ducks, and had the opportunity to have those items autographed. The students concluded the visit dancing with QuackerJack to the “YMCA”, which is a tradition at Long Island Ducks games.

Northport Board of Education Recognizes Students of Distinction

Northport Board of Education Recognizes Students of Distinction photo

At the first 2018 Northport-East Northport Board of Education meeting of the year, a number of high school students were recognized for different distinctions.

High school juniors Julia Ahrens, Jason Aiello, Jean-Philippe Cesar, Dimitri Christoforatos, Ana Hontoria and Matthew Muller were selected to participate in the American Legion Boys/Girls State Program. This program teaches students to become knowledgeable of the country and government, and to help them become more patriotic citizens. The weeklong program takes place in the summer. A representative from the Northport chapter of the American Legion was in attendance to congratulate the students as well.

The board also recognized senior Samantha Fanuka as the social studies student of the month. Fanuka was praised by multiple teachers for her strong work ethic, her eloquence in discussing complex issues and overall scholarship. Her passion for criminal justice enabled her to participate in a Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department internship in 2016, and the Marist pre-college institute and internship in criminal justice.

“We are confident she will have a positive impact on this world in the future,” said Mr. Sean Hurley, the district chairperson for social studies.

High school varsity football players Ryan Walsh and Sam Gozelski recently received countywide and Islandwide awards and were honored by the board for their distinctions. Walsh was named the Boomer Esaison Quarterback Winner, awarded to Suffolk’s top quarterback for his performance this past season. This is the first time a player from Northport High School has been recognized with this honor. Sam Gozelski was named the James LaBua Winner honoree, which is awarded to the county’s top football scholar athlete, and was also a News 12 Scholar Athlete recipient. In addition, both students were a part of the team that was named Newsday’s 2nd Team All-Long Island overall.

High School Virtual Enterprise Team Presents at Island-Wide Conference

High School Virtual Enterprise Team Presents at Island-Wide Conference photo
On Jan. 9th, students from the high school’s virtual enterprise course attended The Long Island Regional Conference and Trade Show Exhibition at Farmingdale State College.

This event brings together more than 1,800 students, educators, and business leaders from all over the island. The high school’s virtual company, Port Clothing, was one of nearly ninety firms that represented the virtual economy. Firms competed in trade show booth design, salesmanship, impact marketing, and more. The management team, led by CEO Jacob Cole, included Ryan Lupo, VP of Sales; Ryan Rosenblaum, CFO; Ryan McNaughton, Sales Associate; Jack Ebert, VP of Marketing and Michael Dougherty, VP of Administration. These students presented their business plan and fielded questions about their company in front of a panel of judges.

Pulaski Road Students Make Instruments Out of Recyclables

Pulaski Road Students Make Instruments Out of Recyclables photo
Pulaski Road Students Make Instruments Out of Recyclables photo2
Bash the Trash, a group of musicians and teaching artists, recently visited Pulaski Road Elementary School.

At a schoolwide assembly, the group demonstrated how to weave science, music and environmental awareness together. The entertaining performances were full of unique instruments that used materials like traffic cones and water bottles. The audience was also welcomed to participate in the musical adventure.

After the assembly, a hands-on instrument-building workshop was held for students participating in Pulaski’s new Recycled STEAM club. Students enjoyed building and making music with their own instruments!

Northport High School Mathletes Place 5th

Northport High School Mathletes Place 5th photo
Northport High School mathletes Dan O’Conner, Tina Guo, Daniel Kim, Nick Millkey and Peter Mainetti placed fifth in the January Suffolk County Math Tournament. In addition to the group placing fifth, Mainetti individually placed fifth in the county for his performance. Congrats mathletes!

Norwood Avenue Performs “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.”

Norwood Avenue Performs “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.” photo
Norwood Avenue Performs “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.” photo 2
Norwood Avenue Performs “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.” photo 3
Norwood Avenue recently performed "Fiddler on the Roof Jr.”, featuring over 80 fourth and fifth grade students. The show was under the direction of Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Lardi, with scenic design by Mrs. Wine. A special starring role in the show was also held by principal Mr. Michael Genovese.

The students rehearsed three times a week since school started in order to master all of the vocals, choreography, lines and staging. Congratulations to all on a spectacular performance!

2016 Alumni Honored at Collegiate All-Long Island Awards Banquet

2016 Alumni Honored at Collegiate All-Long Island Awards Banquet photo
On Saturday, Jan. 7, Northport Baseball alumni Brian Hermann, class of 2016, was honored at the Collegiate All-Long Island Awards Banquet. Hermann is currently playing collegiate Baseball at SUNY Stony Brook, and was awarded the 2017 All-Long Island Rookie of the Year for his strong performances as pitcher.”

Northport High School Science Teacher Selected for New York State STEM Teaching Fellowship

Northport High School Science Teacher Selected for New York State STEM Teaching Fellowship photo
Northport High School science teacher Kimberly Collins was recently selected by the STEM Leadership Center as one of ten teachers to participate in the 2017-18 cohort for the Regeneron STEM Teaching Fellowship. This fellowship is a competitive program that provides professional training experiences to exceptional science teachers in New York State.

Collins will participate in a 16-month program of graduate-coursework. After completing the course, she will receive a Leadership Certificate from Teachers College, Columbia University, and take part in a two-week laboratory research mentorship at Regeneron’s Tarrytown labs.

“Kim plays a central role within our district, providing high-quality teaching to our learning community,” said David Storch, the district chairperson of science and technology education. “We look forward to supporting her in this transformative professional development experience.”

DECA Students Advance to State-Wide Competition

DECA Students Advance to State-Wide Competition photo
Congratulations to all DECA students who competed at the Suffolk County Regional Competition on Wednesday, Jan. 3rd, 2018 at Suffolk County Community College. More than 1,000 students from Suffolk County participated. The 38 Northport medal winners qualify to compete at the State Competition in Rochester, NY this March. Students will have to complete a 100-question written exam and participate in two role-play case problems. A special congratulations to our first place winners Faith Gillin, Principles of Finance and the team of James O'Hara and Stephen Muzyka, Travel and Tourism. Max McNaughton finished in second place in the Food Marketing category and the third-place winners included: Colin Trailor, Accounting Applications; Max Aftel, Quick Serve Restaurant Management; Kelly Finegan, Retail Merchandising; the team of Zach Himmel and Alexandra Weidenman, Business Law & Ethics, and the team of Ryan Lupo and Luke Belanic, Sports and Entertainment Marketing. The DECA club is advised by Kristen Cogan and Liz Price.

Northport Cheerleaders Become Cheer-Spreaders this Holiday Season

Northport Cheerleaders Become Cheer-Spreaders this Holiday Season photo
Northport Cheerleaders Become Cheer-Spreaders this Holiday Season photo 2
The varsity and junior varsity cheerleading teams collected children’s books to donate to Huntington Hospital this holiday season. The teams expressed concern for those spending the holidays in the hospital, and wanted to somehow help spread some cheer!

Students organized, collected, and wrapped all 93 books collected, and personally went to the hospital to give them to the children there.

“We hope we put smiles on children’s faces this holiday season,” said cheerleading coach Danielle Milazzo.

Northport Senior Selected as News 12 Scholar-Athlete

Northport Senior Selected as News 12 Scholar-Athlete photo

High School senior and varsity football captain Sam Gozelski was selected as a News 12 Scholar-Athlete this December. This award is presented to outstanding high school seniors who excel in athletics, academics, leadership and community service. Along with receiving a $1,000 scholarship check, Gozelski will be featured in the News 12 Long Island segment airing throughout the day on Jan.2, as well as on

At the end of the season, Gozelski will be among 30 prestigious student-athletes that are selected for this honor. The students chosen for this award include all public and Catholic schools in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Sam Gozelski is a gifted student-athlete. He achieved over a 1500 on his SAT’s, is being heavily recruited by Carnegie Mellon and MIT, and led the varsity football team to a Big IV Championship last fall. Additionally, he has earned All-County honors, along with being selected for Newsday’s 2nd All-Long Island Football Team. Gozelski was also honored as Suffolk’s Top Scholar Athlete at the Suffolk County Football Awards Dinner, receiving the James LaBue Award.

News12 Segment

Northport Students and Teachers Join Local Groups to Gear Up for Suffolk County’s Bag Bill Implementation

Northport Students and Teachers Join Local Groups to Gear Up for Suffolk County’s Bag Bill Implementation photo
Northport High School’s Environment Team was invited to the Suffolk County Legislature’s Office on Dec. 18 to highlight the extensive work they have done in collecting data regarding plastic bag usage. Northport High school was one of seven local schools that contributed to this project.

Students previously worked with other members of the community to conduct surveys concerning consumer shopping habits in advance of Suffolk’s Bring Your Own Bag law implementation, which began on Jan. 1, 2018. These surveys demonstrated widespread use of single-use plastic bags in grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores throughout Suffolk County, and are believed to be the most comprehensive in the nation to document shoppers bag use habits.

More than 11,000 individuals were surveyed outside the aforementioned establishments, and 71 percent of those individuals were using non-recyclable bags.

Next year, these surveys will be taken again, once a 5-cent fee on plastic and paper bags is implemented. The hope is to analyze the effect of the law on consumer behavior.

"It's inspiring to see how a small group of students can have a large impact on important matters in our community,” said Environmental Team member Sabrina Kramer. “We are excited to see this law take effect, and we hope to see that people will change their habits for the better, and replace their plastic bags with reusable ones, creating a cleaner future for all of us."

Walkin’ in a Literary Wonderland

Walkin’ in a Literary Wonderland photo

Bellerose Avenue was transformed into a literary-themed winter wonderland on Dec. 21. The doors to each room were decorated by the PTA to represent the holiday book the class had read. Some of the books read included “Snowflake Bentley,” “Mr. Popper’s Penguins,” and more. Students were pleasantly surprised when they arrived at that morning and the school was transformed!

Throughout the day, Christmas music played on the speakers as students, clad in their holiday pajamas, were taken on a tour of the school to view each room’s door. Inside the classrooms, students worked on holiday crafts, such as decoupage votive holders and homemade snow globes, to bring home to their families.

“Holiday activities are fun, but they’re so much more than that,” said Principal Lori Beekman, “they bring everyone—parents, teachers, and students—together, further strengthening our community.”

Holiday Happenings at Northport High School

Holiday Happenings at Northport High School photo
Holiday Happenings at Northport High School photo 2
Holiday Happenings at Northport High School photo 3
Students at Northport High School got into the holiday spirit during the week of Dec. 18 with many different holiday activities to participate in throughout each day.

Volunteers decorated the commons after school on Dec. 18, and covered the walls with beautiful festive wall hangings. Students were also able to make their own holiday ornaments to hang on the school’s tree, buy candy grams for fellow classmates, and participate in helping create a paper chain, containing their holiday wishes for themselves, and the world, this holiday season. Some of the wishes included positivity, making new friends, and world peace.

Throughout the week, the choir, jazz band, and symphonic winds performed Christmas carols during lunch periods, so students could listen to live music and enjoy their classmates’ talents. In addition, the cheerleaders, Tigerettes, and flagline performed during lunch periods.