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Task Force Committee

The Task Force Committee will be charged with the following: 

1. To investigate the educational impact of implementing “Adapted Scenario A”, and to draft, in accordance with NYS Educational Law Article 9 Section 402-A, “Procedures for Closing a School Building” and to prepare with the assistance of the School District administration and file an Educational Impact Statement with the Board not later than April 8, 2021.  In connection with the foregoing, the School Closure Advisory Task Force shall take into consideration the following factors in its preparation of an Educational Impact Statement:

  • (a) The current and projected pupil enrollment, the prospective need for such building(s), the ramifications of such closing(s) upon the community, initial costs and savings resulting from such closing(s), the potential disposability of the closed school(s);
  • (b) Possible use of such school building(s) for other educational programs or administrative services;
  • (c) The effect of such closing(s) on personnel needs, and on the costs of instruction, administration, transportation and other support services;
  • (d) Type, age and physical condition of such building(s), outstanding indebtedness, maintenance and energy costs, recent or planned improvements for the building(s), and such buildings’ special features;
  • (e) Ability of the other schools in the affected district to accommodate pupils if such school building(s) close(s); and
  • (f) Possible shared utilization of space in such school building(s) during or after regular school hours, as permitted in section four hundred fourteen of the education Law; and

2. In addition to foregoing factors the School Closure Advisory Task Force shall review and rely upon the information and data provided in the July 31, 2020 SES Study Team, LLC and  the “Future Study Community Advisory Committee” Report.

3. The Educational Impact Statement shall be filed with the Board of Education on or before April 8, 2021.

The Task Force Committee will meet weekly beginning February 23rd until April 6th. 

Educational Impact Statement:


Meeting Minutes:

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