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Request Bus Stop Change

*Please be aware that the below is specifically for requesting that the bus stop location be changed, and is not a request for transportation to a new address. 

Click here for the form to request a bus stop change.

The form for bus stop changes must be submitted via the above form.

Public school students will be notified via mail of your child’s bus assignment.

Parents are asked to please refrain from calling the Transportation Department with a request to change a bus stop in September. Any request for a stop change must be submitted via the above form to the Transportation Department. These requests will be reviewed by Transportation in the order that they have been received. No stop changes will take place until October 1st. Parents will be notified once the review has been complete if the change will be granted and the date the new stop will be in effect. Please be advised that a majority of the stops that are utilized have been stops within the District for many years. Should a parent experience a problem with the transportation service they are receiving they may contact the Transportation Office or their school office directly. 

The contractor supplying service to non-public school students will notify parents prior to the start of school.