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Universal Pre-Kindergarten 2021-2022

 The Universal Pre-Kindergarten program is a funded by a New York State Grant*. (UPDATED 4.14.21) Following the announcement of New York State educational funding, the district now anticipates receiving funds for both half-day and full-day Pre-K options for additional students beyond our initial estimate. Students will continue to be chosen via a lottery system for the opportunity to receive free pre-K at one of our Universal Pre-K providers. 

*This program is pending receipt of the state grant for the 2021--2022 school year. 

Registration/lottery form is available.  You ONLY have to fill out the application using the below link. No other paperwork is necessary at this time.


(UPDATED 4.14.21) This form must be submitted on-line by no later than 12pm on April 30, 2021. A lottery system will be used to select the students. Those who are selected will be notified by mail by May 72021. 

Does my child qualify for the universal pre-k program?

Your child must be 4 years old (born in 2017) and reside in the Northport-East Northport School District to qualify. 

Is there anything I can do to guarantee my child is chosen?

No. The lottery is entirely random and demographics are not a factor in the selection of students. 

What if I am selected, but need full day pre-K? 

Each of our providers offer a full day option. If you are chosen for the universal pre-k program, you can reach out to your child's pre-k provider regarding their options for full day. Options beyond 2.5 hour UPK program are at an additional cost to the family. 

What happens if my child is selected?

If your child is selected, parents must agree to send their child 5 days per week for a 2 ½ hour per day program, verify their residence, and have their child undergo a physical and dental examination by their pediatrician. A full immunization record must be submitted. There is no cost to the family, however transportation is not provided.  Parents will have the opportunity to select a UPK provider from a list of participating schools when submitting all registration paperwork.

The following information is ONLY for those families who are selected and notified by the district:

If your child has been selected, we will contact you by mail and ask you to complete the necessary paperwork.  This will include the following: 

1. Completed Registration Packet.  Registration packet is available at the bottom of the page. 

2. Proof of Residency – please bring three documents:
• One of the following: original property deed, current tax bill, mortgage statement, rental lease or completed rental affidavit (both signatures must be notarized)
• Two of the following: utility bills and/or payroll documents with your name and address.


3. Child’s Proof of Birth – ORIGINAL birth certificate, ORIGINAL baptismal certificate, PASSPORT or other form of identification of birthdate. Parent/guardian photo ID or other acceptable identification must be presented at time of registration to establish your identity.


4. Proof of Immunization – please bring a copy of your child’s immunization history. Immunization and Student Physical forms are located at the bottom of the page.


5. Valid photo I.D for parent/guardian.


6. Completed NYSED Multilingual Learners Language Profile for Prekindergarten Students

For further information, you may email the Office of Teaching and Learning:

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Forms