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Business Department Courses

Graduation Information
Students may use a 5-credit Business sequence to fulfill graduation requirements. A Business sequence will satisfy option #2 (5 CTE units) for the Advanced Regents Diploma. Colleges and employers know that a student with this sequence has mastered many of the skills required for success in the business world. See your school counselor for more information on graduation requirements.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Certification
The Northport High School Business Department offers two CTE pathways:

  • Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Merchandising

Students who complete all the requirements for a CTE pathway will receive a CTE credential on their high school diploma. Students with a CTE credential are able to show colleges and employers they have taken rigorous business courses and have participated in work-related experiences in high school.

Academy of Finance
The Academy of Finance Program is a distinguished level National Academy Foundation program. Students take three years of business courses in which they can earn college credits, partake in job shadow days, learn industry knowledge from guest speakers, engage in a mentor program, participate in resume workshops, learn interviewing skills and receive a paid summer internship. Students apply in 9th grade for the program, which spans 10th grade to 12th grade.
Higher Level Courses The Business Department offers a wide variety of higher level courses which accelerate student learning beyond the average high school curriculum. Successful completion of Business Department higher level coursework prepares students for the
challenges of college and careers and gives them an academic advantage over their peers.

Business Honor Society
The Business Honor Society recognizes those students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in three or more Business courses, with a minimum average of 90%. Students excel in character, leadership, and service. Business Honor Society participates in a wide range of civic and social activities, including fundraising and volunteering. There is a mandatory six-hour community service requirement per year. Applications, transcripts and teacher recommendations will be evaluated and should be submitted prior to the completion of
the third course. 

DECA is a business club of high school and college students studying various business fields such as marketing, management, entrepreneurship and finance. DECA students compete against students from other high schools in New York and across the nation in various business-related
competitions. DECA students develop leadership and business skills necessary for success in our fast-paced business world.

Finance Course:

½ Unit 20 weeks (5610) Grades 9-12
This semester course is designed for students in grades 9-12 to explore the world of financial literacy. Students will gain the necessary skills and insights to become knowledgeable consumers who will make informed decisions that involve savings, budgeting, investing, interest, insurance, credit, and money management. Students will also study topics in applied mathematics relating to the fields of accounting, finance, marketing, and selling. Students will take the 21st Century Skills Exam in conjunction with this course.

Marketing Courses
½ Unit 20 weeks (5506) Grades 9-12
This course allows students to explore the world of modern Advertising. Students will develop a conceptual base in preparing and implementing ad campaigns in a variety of industries, take an in-depth look at today’s trends in branding, multi-media exposure, and game changing technological advances, and debate ethical topics from the fast changing ad world.

½ Unit 20 weeks (5507) Grades 9-12
Students will gain insight to the travel, hospitality and culinary industries. Topics include: hotel and restaurant management, facility design, customer service, event planning, vacation
planning and tourism. Students will learn about safety, nutritional analysis, menu planning and principles of restaurant and tourism management. Guest speakers will offer practical perspectives from the world of travel and tourism.

½ Unit 20 weeks (5502) Grades 9-12
Students will learn the principles of marketing and apply them to the fashion/apparel and accessories industry. Students will explore the psychology of pricing, promoting, and selling in
the fashion industry, and learn how the major organizations, such as DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein develop marketing strategies. Students will conduct research and use all forms of media to develop original marketing campaigns, including a fashion blog. Students will also analyze retail establishments for color, lighting, theme, organization and display, and create an original store. This half year course is designed to provide an insight into the higher level decision making and critical thinking skills required to succeed in the fashion industry. Case studies, news media, and field trips will be used to explore current trends and ethical dilemmas, including portrayal of women in the media, photo altering and wearable tech.

1 Unit 40 weeks (5504) Grades 9-12
This course provides an insight into the executive level decision-making in sports marketing. Case studies and news media will be used to demonstrate the business of sports and
how other businesses use sports to sell products. Students will look at sports from various aspects such as agent, fan, athlete, manager, and more. Guest speakers and field trips to places
such as Madison Square Garden enhance learning. Students will create their own fantasy sports franchises in football and baseball. They will draft players, determine starting line-ups, make trades, and face the real world prospects of winning it all or going down in the agony of defeat!

½ Unit 20 weeks (5704) Grades 9-12
Creating a positive digital profile can be a challenging task for the 21st century student. In this course, you will learn how to utilize the power of the internet & social media to enhance your web presence & digital profile. This course uses a blended learning model, with a mix of technology and face-to face instruction, where students can, to some extent, control the time and pacing of learning. This course also connects several school districts in Suffolk County, who will be working on collaborative projects using Google Drive. Together, you will discover how technology and social media impact society now and in the future. This course is available for three college credits through Stony Brook University. The cost is approximately $300.

1 Unit 40 weeks (5906)
Are you working before or after school or on weekends? Through the work study program, you can earn school credit for your job as well as learn about specific careers and apply skills learned in school and on the job. This program will not count as one of the six required classes in a high school schedule. Students may sign up through the work/study office in S-223.

College Courses
1 Unit 40 weeks (5608) Grades 11-12
In this course, you will learn to speak and understand accounting - “the language of business”. Accounting is used by Wall Street executives and business managers in various industries. You will learn how to prepare basic financial statements for private companies and analyze public corporations’ financial statements to evaluate their financial performance. Accounting is a requirement of every college business major; this course is the equivalent of Principles of Accounting 1: Financial Accounting and Accounting 2: Managerial Accounting. Students can earn six college credits.

½ Unit 20 Weeks (5826) Grade 11-12
This course focuses on how skills and abilities in leadership and management can be developed and applied by individuals in order to make a difference in organizations, communities,
and societies. It provides students the opportunity to apply management theories through case analysis and to enhance personal skill development through self-assessment exercises. Included in the course are identification of current leaders and leadership as well as contemporary perspectives on ethics, motivation, interviewing, coaching, organizational culture, diversity and crisis leadership. Ultimately, the course is intended to help students become more effective leaders in contexts where they currently serve or in contexts to which they aspire. This course is available for three college credits.

½ Unit 20 Weeks (5814) Grade 11-12
This semester course introduces students to the world of civil law. Students will engage in the study of the origin of our legal system, ethics, contract law, tort law, employment law, agency law, and real and personal property. Students will gain an understanding of how a lawsuit is filed, courtroom procedure, and how a case can be resolved. Students will relate legal cases and current event topics to the coursework. This course is available for three college credits.

½ Unit 20 weeks (5824) Grade 11-12
This semester course examines the principles of marketing and promotional strategies. Students will be introduced to the concepts of consumer behavior, market research, pricing products, and modern promotional strategies including social media and product placement. Students will explore marketing ethics including media reinforcing stereotypes, planned obsolescence and political propaganda. Current events, news media and case studies will be used to reinforce marketing concepts and students will create, pitch and promote an original reality show. This course is available for three college credits.

11th or 12th Grade Standard Level (5802)
11th Grade Higher Level (5804)
12th Grade Higher Level (5806)
IB Business Management is designed to provide students with a foundation in management principles, practices, and skills and to develop an awareness of the ethical and social responsibility issues that exist in business and other organizations both domestically and internationally. Emphasis is also placed on understanding the business functions of marketing, human resource management, and finance. Students will evaluate concepts that affect our multicultural business world. This course requires a variety of IB assessments. The exam fee is established by the International Baccalaureate Organization and is approximately $130. Payment is due in early October of the exam year. This course is available for six college credits.

1 Unit 40 weeks (5809) Grades 11-12
Are you ready to manage an on-line business and compete with over 3000 virtual businesses around the world? Virtual Enterprise (VE) is a simulated business that is created and run by students. The experience begins with students choosing a department to work in, creating a resume and interviewing for the job. This course allows students the unique opportunity to experience work roles and responsibilities that exist in an actual business environment. Students participate in the areas of Administration, Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Sales/Purchasing, Web Design, and Human Resources. Once the firm is up and running, the students actually sell their products or services to other virtual enterprise businesses around the world. There are 41 Long Island firms, 500 in the US, and 3,000 internationally. Through regular ‘staff meetings,’ students in all departments begin to understand the interdependence that exists in a profitable firm. They will also set up a booth at a NYC trade show and enter competitions, including a business plan event. Students who complete the capstone experience become part of the VE alumni network and have access to numerous mentoring programs. VE is perfect for 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in pursuing business as a major in college and as a career. VE may also be taken to fulfill the AOF internship requirements. Available for six college credits. Prerequisite: At least one business class prior to signing up for this course.