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Team 5099 was founded in 2013 by teachers Bill Claps, Daniel Moy, and Greg Robinson. It is a club comprised of top students in the areas of Technology (Engineering), Science, and Math. The organization also includes community members that serve as mentors. Mentors work directly with students to share their wealth of knowledge in fabrication, programming, design, and engineering.

Team 5099 is supported by the Northport - East Northport Public School District. It augments its budget through sponsorship and fundraising. We are currently looking for parental support for creating a booster club or other organization to provide direct financial support of this program.

Team 5099 is always looking for parent and community member volunteers. Volunteering is NOT limited to professionals with engineering backgrounds. There are many aspects to Team 5099 that require a variety of skill sets to keep the team running. Team 5099 operates in conjunction with the Northport High School Department of Technology. Work facilities and equipment are shared between the day-to-day curriculum and the efforts of Team 5099. They both seek to promote STEM at Northport High School and beyond.