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Woodworking and Auto Technology


Woodworking Technology:

    1 Unit 40 weeks (7900) Grades 9-12
    Woodworking Technology is a hands on course that allows students to develop the personal satisfaction that comes from the actual construction of attractive and useful projects. You will acquire important skills in using tools and machines through the design and construction of individual projects using modern equipment and power tools identical to those used in industry. Students will explore the areas of laminating and bending, protective coatings and refinishing, turning and carving, electronic wood welding, forest ecology, wood and plastic laminates, small construction, and the nature and properties of wood.  Advanced computer numerical control (CNC) equipment including a large Gantry ShopBot Router and a Trotec Precision Laser Cutter/Engraver allow students to engage in compelling, real-world challenges with state-of-the-art technology. Emphasis is placed on the safety and use of power equipment.  This is an entry level course and there are no prerequisites.
    1 Unit 40 weeks (7902) Grades 10-12
    Furniture Making is an advanced course directed at students who have developed basic skills in woodworking and who may wish to explore more challenging projects. Each student selects from projects that are designed to allow more advanced hand tool, machine, and computer numerical control (CNC) equipment.

    Through the construction of projects, students will explore furniture design, develop skills in cabinet making, become well-informed consumers and become proficient in use of all woodworking machines and available CNC technology.

    Prerequisite: Woodworking Technology



    ½ Unit 20 weeks (7705) Grades 10-12
    Car Care is for all young adults who will soon drive and own their own automobile. A simple and practical background understanding can help to make the experience of owning a car an enjoyable one. Car Care provides basic information using demonstrations on cars brought into the lab as well as lectures and group activities designed to make ownership as trouble-free and economical as possible. This course will fulfill state requirements for the land transportation core course.
    ½ Unit 20 weeks (7706) Grades 11-12
    This course is designed for 11th and 12th grade students who have taken Car Care I and have an interest in advanced study in the automotive field.  Through hands-on activities, students will explore the various systems and components of the modern automobile.  Students will develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge of various aspects of the industry, which include repair facilities, customer relations, inventory control, and management.

    Prerequisite: Car Care I
    ½ Unit 20 weeks (7701) Grades 9-12
    Small engines are today being used as a labor savings device to run lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, snow blowers, etc. Small engines are also used for recreation on dirt bikes, ATV's, jet skis and other marine applications. In this class you will have the opportunity to explore the mechanical operation of small engines by allowing you to repair, test, tune and troubleshoot various engines. You will be allowed to bring small engines, outboards, dirt bikes, ATV's and other engines from home to be worked on as well as use the ones provided by the school.  This is an entry level course and there are no prerequisites.
    ½ Unit 20 weeks –meets every other day
    (7703) Grades 9-12
    The development of transportation vehicles and systems has had a tremendous impact on the growth of society. In this course, the student will explore the three main transportation systems: land, marine and aerospace. Through activities and demonstrations, the students will explore systems and the equipment used to operate and control small engines, automobiles, aircraft, rockets, boats, submersibles and automated systems.  A registration fee of $20 is required in order for the student to complete the United States Power Squadrons America’s Boating Safety Course and licensing exam. This is an entry level course and there are no prerequisites