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E-Team Explores New Climate in White Mountains Trip

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Fourteen seniors enrolled in the Northport High School Environment Team enjoyed several days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire last month, engaging in a week of learning and fun. During the trip, students hiked through the cold and explored a new environment while learning about climate change, winter ecosystems, cold weather injuries, and the effects of hypothermia. As part of the team’s interdisciplinary approach, students also learned about the national forest system and applied their knowledge of hypothermia and cold weather injuries as they read Jack London’s "To Build a Fire.”
In preparation for the hike, students spent time in December and January building up stamina and getting a better understanding of the terrain. 
Science teacher and Environment Team advisor James Kubik called it “a great experience for all the students and teachers involved.” The trip marked the first time students and staff could resume the excursion since prior to the pandemic. 
Students enrolled in the Environment Team utilize classroom and field experiences to study science, social studies, and English as well as an E-team Advisory course where all teachers work on special projects with the class. In the past, this has included doing field work to help pass the Suffolk County plastic bag law, hands-on study of problems affecting the local environment, and participation in The Long Island Sound High School Summit amongst other projects. 
Chairperson for Science, Technology and Engineering David Storch said “Participation in the Environment Team is a life changing experience for many students. They describe it as being a part of a family where they make new friends, lifelong friends, and come to feel they are a part of something important.”