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Mathematics Student of the Month Praised by Board of Education and Teachers

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Northport High School senior Luke Tuthill has been named Student of the Month for Mathematics. Luke was awarded for his work in various high level math courses, computer science classes, AOIT and more. 
“Throughout his journey with us, Luke has proven himself a stellar mathematician, demonstrating exceptional performance not only in the academic arena, but also in the math and computer science related competitions as well,” said Chairperson for Mathematics Robin Rann. 
Luke expressed his love for the subject and the opportunities it affords, saying “What I like about math is there’s always multiple ways to find the answer, and there’s always more and more difficult problems to solve. Especially when it comes to technology, the things you can do is amazing.”
Luke is also a member of the Robotics Team and serves as lead programmer on the team. He was praised by teachers for taking on the important and demanding role and helping bring the team success. He is also a member of the Mathletes team and has an exceptional history of high scores on math exams.