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East Northport Middle School

Counseling Center


Meet the staff of the counseling center-

Mrs. Thomas is a NY State Certified School Counselor for those students with last names beginning with the letters A-F. She has been in the district since 2000.

Mrs. Rowe is a NY State Certified School Counselor for those students with last names beginning with the letters G-N. She has been at ENMS since 1996.

Mrs. Braun is a NY State Certified School Counselor for those students with last names beginning with the letters O-Z. She has been at ENMS since 2001.

Mrs. Bisulca is a NY State Certified School Counselor for our fifth grade students. 

Mrs. Karkota is our School Psychologist.  She is available to discuss students having difficulty functioning in school due to emotional, social, behavioral or learning difficulties.  She may do an evaluation that may consist of any or all of the following measurements:  intellectual, social, academic, emotional.  A student may benefit as a result of a background review, student observation, teacher feedback, and written report, culminating in a parent meeting.

Mrs. Kleczka is a licensed Master of Social Work and has worked in our district since 2009.


We all have our own moodle pages.  Please enroll in our individual moodle pages for more information.


The Role of the Counselor at ENMS

The counselor is a developmental specialist who assists students with their educational, personal and social development.  The counselor provides appropriate support and skills necessary to help students and their parents through the middle school years.

As a Consultant- The counselors meet with the teachers, parents, school psychologist, social worker, administrators, and outside specialists as an advisor and advocate for your child.  The counselors serve as a source of information for you and your child.  The school counselors, social worker, and school psychologist can assist parents in looking into outside agencies and therapists to help with different family issues.

As a Coordinator-  The counselors help coordinate your child’s schedule, meetings with teachers, and others involved to help your child succeed in school.  The counselors coordinate the big transitions from elementary school to middle school and then from middle school to high school. There is a 6th grade orientation process, as well as 8th grade to 9th grade planning meetings and individual conferences.

As a counselor- Counseling Services are delivered in different ways:

Individual Counseling is available when requested by the child, a teacher, parent or administrator.

Group Counseling: each year various groups are offered by the counseling department based on need, academic support groups, new student groups, children of divorce, grief and loss, anger management, and social skills.

The Student Support Center

The Student Support Center has many functions.  It is available during lunch for students.  The students can sign up during homeroom to use the Student Support Center to relax, read, or start homework during the second half of their lunch period.  Throughout the year, the SSC is used for discussion groups by the counselors.

Making An Appointment With Your Counselor

Students may stop by the Counseling Center and request an appointment during homeroom or during their lunch period.  Students may also request a pass from their classroom teacher.  If there is an emergency situations, students may come to the Counseling Center immediately.  Parents may call Mrs. Cronin, our Counseling Center secretary, for an appointment at any time:  (631) 262-6776.


Naviance is a web-based application that can help students learn more about their personality, interests, possible careers, college majors and colleges. Students have their own login information and can come to the Counseling Center if they need help.