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Pulaski Road Elementary School

Principal's Message


I am excited to welcome our new students to Pulaski and welcome back those who are returning! Although the school year has just begun, it is already clear that the longstanding tradition of parent support and collaboration is alive and well.  I look forward to continuing this tradition by working with you this year to foster your children’s social, emotional, and academic growth.

Students at Pulaski learn to respect themselves and to show respect for others.  Through positive decision making, children are empowered to make choices that will improve their lives and positively impact those around them.  Students also learn to celebrate the wonderful diversity that makes up our community.  The newly enacted Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) supports the approach to character education and anti-bullying that we already embrace.  DASA reinforces the idea that while disciplinary consequences are an important part of anti-bullying efforts, it is character education and empathy training that bring about real and lasting change.

Each day at Pulaski, children of varying abilities, interests, and backgrounds work and play together.  Our child-centered approach allows students to learn through varied modalities; they explore, manipulate, create, discuss and master countless social and academic concepts and skills.  Children also regularly make connections between academic topics and their own experiences.  Through differentiated instruction, we work to guide each child along his/her individual instructional path and provide the foundation for lifelong learning.

Thank you for visiting Pulaski’s website.  We hope you will continue to explore our site and return often for updates and additional information.

Jeff Haubrich