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Mobile Device Access to Compass Learning Odyssey

An Important Support Update from Compass Learning®:

Odyssey Now Accessible on Mobile Devices!

We are pleased to announce that Compass Learning Odyssey® is now accessible from virtually any mobile device, including iPad/iOS and Android.  

In order to access Odyssey content from your mobile device:

  1. Go to the App Store for your mobile device and find Puffin Academy by CloudMosa.
  2. Download the Puffin Academy App (not the Puffin Web browser, also by CloudMosa).
  3. Open the Puffin Academy App. 
  4. Find the Compass Learning icon and click it. A simple search for "compass learning" will bring you to Odyssey.
  5. Click the Compass Learning logo, then click the logo again, and you will be redirected to the Odyssey login screen. 
  6. Log in as you normally would and begin using Compass Learning Odyssey.

We hope you enjoy the flexibility of accessing Compass Learning Odyssey from your mobile devices. Please visit the support community for questions and further information regarding this exciting announcement.


Puffin Academy Program for K-12 Education
With iPad and tablets, students from K-12 can easily access educational resources on the Internet. However, many great interactive websites are developed with Adobe Flash, which is not playable on most mobile devices. To make a difference, we provide Puffin Academy web browser, the fastest Flash mobile browser, to K-12 students for Free! This service is now available in the US, UK and Canada.

Puffin Academy always enforces site filtering by only allowing whitelisted educational websites. Publishers and Content providers need to apply for the program to add their sites to our white list. If you host educational websites for K-12 students, please join us and make your websites available to all Puffin Academy users.