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Board of Education Goals


The 2023-24 Board of Education Goals are:

  1. Recruit a Superintendent of Schools, consistent with the school-community profile, and support conditions for a successful entry plan.
  2. Advance a long-range financial plan which includes:
    a. Chartering a Board Financial Planning Committee for the purpose of developing a 3 to 5-year financial plan that factors in the end of the LIPA Glidepath and potential sale/Lease of district property.
    b. Engaging in a contract analysis of member units for the purpose of advancing possible modifications to existing contracts
    c. Implementing a plan for the sale/lease of district property for community input and potential referendum.
  3. Develop and approve a responsible educational plan and budget consistent with the district mission.
  4. Task the Board Policy Committee to propose recommendations for Policy review with Board input for the 23-24 school year.
  5. Support the administration in the development of district goals that utilize a data driven approach