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SafeSchools Helpline

The district has launched Safe Schools, a 24/7, anonymous helpline for students, staff or parents to report information about situations that might affect our students' safety, including depression, violence or illegal activity. 

Members of our school community can call the number any time of the day or night to report concerns about unsafe or potentially disruptive activities or situations including drug or alcohol abuse, weapons, harassment, bullying or threats. All calls are confidential. The Safe School Helpline can be accessed via phone at 800-418-6423  (800-4-1-VOICE ext. 359), as well as via TEXT (type “TIPS”) or via their online submission form, found here

How do we know it is anonymous?
We have contracted for this service through Security Voice, an independent company with no other ties to our school.

How does it work?
A toll-free number has been assigned for our school district. When you dial this number from your phone, you will be advised how to leave your information and will be provided with a case number. You may exclude your name or other facts that could identify you. Then, record your message. To text, enter 614-246-0240, then type TIPS. To use the web, log in at and make your report.  Your phone number and email address will not be shared with your school.

What type of information should be recorded?
Please report any facts, remarks or actions that could jeopardize the safety of our children, staff or school. Examples of threatening situations include: 
• Bullying
• Drugs/Alcohol
• Health & Safety
• Violence
• Weapons
• Thoughts of Suicide

What happens next?
Security Voice will send a typed copy of your message to district and school administration. The administration will then investigate the report, and determine how best to act on it.

When can I report?
 You may report anytime, day or night.

Who can call this number?
Everyone within our school community, including: students, parents, teachers/staff.

Can this help troubled students, too?
Yes. If you see a student who is troubled, or overhear remarks like “I can’t go on,” please call or encourage the student to call the helpline. Callers need only press “3” when prompted. The call will be routed to a Counseling and Crisis Center that provides a 24-hour crisis intervention service. Trained counselors are available 365 days per year to talk with persons seeking assistance in coping with suicidal thoughts, depression, or feelings of loneliness and loss.

Can I change my message later? How will you know who is calling?
Yes. When you leave a message, you are given a case number that is yours alone. Enter that same case number when updating your message or answering additional questions that may come directly from the company employees.

How will I know if any action has been taken?
After three school days, call the toll-free number and enter your case number when prompted. A recording will let you know your message was heard and may ask you for more information. If reporting by text or on the web, Security Voice will contact you via text or email. Your answers will be sent to the school administration for further investigation. Administrative actions will be kept confidential, but your report is always important.

 Is a Mobile App available?
Yes. A free mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones at the Apple Store (search Safe School Helpline) and Google Play (search Safe Schools Helpline).

Can I send photos or videos?
Yes. You may email photos and videos to Please reference your case number when sending. Also, photos and videos can be sent using the text and internet reporting options.