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Business Education Department

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Ms. Denise Keenan, Chairperson for Business Education 

Business Teachers:
Kristen Cogan
Christopher Goodwin
Lisa Pfisterer
Elizabeth Price
Allison Schwabish

Empower the Future: Business Education at Northport High School

Unlock the keys to success with our dynamic Business Education Department at Northport High School. Our comprehensive courses are designed to cultivate the skills and knowledge needed for a thriving career in the dynamic world of business. From financial literacy to entrepreneurial mindset, our expert educators guide students through a curriculum that seamlessly blends theory with real-world applications.  But the benefits don't stop there – a business education can be the key to success in various industries and careers.

In today's interconnected world, business skills are invaluable across diverse professions. Whether you aspire to be a scientist, artist, healthcare professional, or engineer, our courses provide a strong foundation in essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and financial literacy. Understanding the principles of business management can enhance your ability to navigate complex challenges in any field.

Explore a spectrum of courses ranging from Accounting and Finance to Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Our expert educators guide students through a curriculum that seamlessly blends theory with real-world applications. Through hands-on projects, case studies, and simulations, students not only grasp business concepts but also learn how to apply them in various contexts.

At Northport High School, we believe in fostering well-rounded individuals with the versatility to excel in any career path. Our Business Education Department prioritizes innovation and critical thinking, equipping students with the tools to navigate the global marketplace. Business Education students are ready to thrive in a variety of industries and make a meaningful impact. Your journey to success starts here!

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Business Honor Society

The Business Honor Society participates in a wide range of civic and social activities.  Students who complete three or more courses within the Business Department and excel with a minimum average of 90% in each course are eligible to apply to the Business Honor Society.  Please see any Business teacher for more information.


DECA is a national youth organization dedicated to developing marketing and management skills in our students.  The club competes with other high school chapters in local, state, and national competitive events.  DECA hosts a number of school activities including the Annual Winter and Spring Craft Fairs.  

Northport DECA students excel at local, state and national competitions, often earning top honors at every level! 

Highlights of Business Programs:

  • AOF European Finance and Culture Tour
  • KPMG Lunch and Learn Seminars
  • Guest Speaker Series
  • SIFMA Investwrite Competition
  • Newsday Stock Market Game 
  • Sports Marketing Tour of Yankee Stadium
  • DECA Competitions
  • Community Service Events