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Child Care


Guidelines for Childcare/Babysitting Transportation

  1. All Request(s) for Transportation to a childcare provider/babysitter must be done via the form below and submitted by 4/1.
  2. Childcare provider/Babysitter's address must meet District mileage requirements for Transportation.
  3. Kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible for transportation to a childcare provider/babysitter.
  4. A request for transportation to a childcare provider/babysitter must be a long term arrangement.
  5. Transportation will not be provided for play dates, to work sites or other activities.
  6. Only regular routes stops will be used.
  7. When seeking transportation to a childcare provider outside your home school zone the following criteria must be met:
    1. Childcare provider must be licensed.
    2. Space must be available on the bus.
    3. No additional cost to the District.
    4. No changes or delays will be necessary on existing routes.
  8. Changes to request(s) will be honored if received prior to 7/31 and if there is no additional cost to the District.
  9. Any requests received after the April 1st deadline will be reviewed. If the request(s) will not incur additional costs to the District and can be completed with no significant changes or delays in the existing route they will be granted. Anything received after August 15th and before the first day of school will not be in place before the 2nd full week of school.
  10. Please be advised that a student can only utilize one bus due to COVID restrictions and ridership limitations. All students must utilize the same bus in the morning and afternoon every day.

Click here for Childcare Guidelines Letter

Click here for Childcare/Babysitting Transportation Request Form

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