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Science Department

Environment Team

Thomas Franco, English Language Arts
Courtney Clark, Social Studies
Jim Kubik, Science and Environmental Studies

Environment Team Brochure

The Environment Team is a college preparatory, interdisciplinary program taught in an experiential fashion. Students on the Environment Team investigate the interactions of human culture and the natural world. Utilizing class experiences and field experiences as a vehicle, students study content in several academic disciplines including social studies, English, and science.

The Environment Team meets for four consecutive periods, five days per week. Students are immersed in challenging experiences that demand participation and dedication going beyond the traditional academic environment. The effort in this program is to use direct experience as a basis for the development of skills and understandings in the various disciplines. To that end experiential field experiences are conducted in authentic settings including legislative assemblies, local historical venues, unique geological sites, ecological environments and anthropological locations.   These field experiences provide a large basis for the curriculum and are essential parts of the program, which focuses upon gaining an understanding of the Long Island environment and community.

As part of their requirements during the year, students must keep a portfolio, write a college-level research paper, and develop a comprehensive final project that will be defended before a panel of educators. Students are involved in school programs, community service, environmental clean-ups, fund-raising, and some degree of self-governance. The major focus of the Team is to examine issues from an interdisciplinary viewpoint and to use the relevant skills in that examination. The program strives to produce functioning and productive citizens while preparing them for a future of self-discovery.

Students interested in the Environment Team must register for all courses listed below; including course 9130. The curriculum provides a structured, experience-based series of activities that are governed by course content across the following disciplines:


40 weeks every other day (9120)

Students and E-Team teachers meet during this period to create horizontal integration between the core classes. Team preparation and team building exercises are an integral part of this course.

1 Unit 40 weeks (9121)

The course covers the English 12 curriculum including reading, writing, poetry, and public speaking, as well as both MLA and APA college-level research papers.

1 Unit 40 weeks (9123)

Topics taught in Environment Team Science include: local/regional human impact on the environment, ecology, natural history, meteorology, survival strategies in extreme conditions, regional flora and fauna, thermodynamics, alternative energies, bioethics, and green architecture. Numerous rigorous hands-on activities and laboratory investigations are performed.

1 Unit 40 weeks (9122)

The course covers 12th grade curriculum in Participation in Government and Economics, as well as other social sciences. Students are also involved in community service projects. This fulfills the 12th grade Social Studies requirement.

Prerequisites for the program:
The Environment Team is open to seniors only.
Application and interview are required for acceptance.
Please see any E-Team teacher in L-103.


"Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of a fire."
William Butler Yeats