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Language Selection FAQ


The Department of World Languages

5th to 6th Grade Language Selection

I live in a small house, but my window looks out on a large world. ~ Confucius

This page provides students and parent(s)/guardian(s) with information about our world language programs, including external links to languages and cultures that students can explore before making a language selection to begin formal language study beginning in grade six at both East Northport Middle School and Northport Middle School.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which languages are offered?
We offer French, Italian, and Spanish. All students have the opportunity to take a language up to grade twelve. All students in grades 11 and 12 have the option of selecting an IB language course or a Language and Culture course in their language of study. The IB (and/or AP) exams are administered in grade twelve to students in our IB world language sequence. Course choice in grades 11 and 12 is decided by students, parents/guardians, teachers, and counselors when scheduling takes place for grade eleven. 

Is the study of a language required?
New York State requires that all students complete Checkpoint A (pass their middle school courses and the FLACS A assessment OR pass a 9th grade course and assessment) in order to graduate. In order to qualify for an Advanced Designation Regents diploma, students must complete Checkpoint B by passing the required courses and the FLACS B assessment. Checkpoint B is normally completed by the majority of students at the end of grade ten. Students may be exempt from taking a language if exempted by the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Is it ever possible to make a switch and study another language?
The selection of a language for formal study is a serious consideration and a conversation should be had at home about this decision. Students are required to follow the course of study in the language they have selected until they have completed their Regents sequence (level 3). 
We suggest that students be allowed to pick the language that they are interested in and will commit themselves to the long-term study of that language and culture. Selecting a language based on perceived importance of that language in the global economy is not the best reason to study a language. Interest and passion must be there for a student to be successful in the study of that language. 
It is important to note that we do offer students the opportunity to study additional languages at the high school level, but the interest and enrollment numbers must be meet before the course if permitted to run.

Will my child become totally proficient in the language?
Proficiency varies from child to child and it is also based on the program and sequence the child is enrolled in during his/her time in our school district. Students who are willing to take risks and routinely speak the language will become more proficient. We believe that accuracy is a destination, not a starting point - speak, even if a mistake is made - that is the only way to learn a language! No one is perfect! 

What if I have a question that has not been answered?
Please contact the office of the District Chairperson for World Languages and ENL with any additional questions or concerns. 

Are you ready to explore French, Italian and Spanish?

We encourage that you visit the BBC Language site to explore the languages that we offer and to read some helpful hints they provide when learning a world language. Visit the BBC Languages page by clicking HERE.
Another fun site to hear and learn some basic vocabulary and phrases is the Duoliongo website. There is no need to register for the site and you can also download the App to your phone. Visit the Duolingo page by clicking HERE.
Have fun and explore the languages from the two sites provided. You can also search Youtube or other sites to see what they offer!

French Culture:
This site is maintained by the French government, but it has extensive pages and links to explore the culture of French speaking people. Visit the official site by clicking HERE. Please remember that French is spoken in a number of nations - explore the links to the Francophone world from the site. 

Italian Culture: 
This site is maintained by the Italian government, but it has extensive pages and links to explore the culture of the Italy. Visit the official site by clicking HERE

Spanish Culture:
These two sites are maintained by a Spanish speaking government or by respected organizations. Visit these site by clicking:
Spain - click HERE
Mexico - click HERE
A website that explores numerous Spanish speaking countries and cultures - visit by clicking HERE.

Enjoy your time as you explore the languages and cultures that we offer! 

If you should have any questions about our programs, please contact:
Ms. Jennifer Nesfield
District Chairperson for World Languages & English as a New Language
Office: 631-262-6684