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Science Faculty

 David Storch                               District Chairperson for Science, Technology and Engineering     


 Northport High School              
 Marina Adams
 Jennifer Boyd
 Kimberly Collins
 Stephanie DeGroot
 Laurie Delano
 Lorraine DeRosa
 Aldo Festa
 Laura Gallagher
Greg Guido
 Bryan Horan
 Kaitlyn Irwin
 James Kubik
 David LaMagna
 Elizabeth Leo
 Karyn Libretto
 Gretchen Manzo
 Denise Nadworthy 
 Greg Paul
 Mike Rath
 Marcella Skulikidis
 Donald Strasser
 Eric Visconti
 Mark Wagner
 Rachel Witt



Northport Middle School            
 George Boyd
 Randi Buckland
 Christine Carroll
 Leslie Cohen
 Scott Pellegrino
 Erica Scala
 Louise Sheehan
 Scott Shutka



East Northport Middle School   
 Joanne Ahern
 John Braun
 Torie Hehir
 Kaitlyn Irwin
 Paul Neumann
 Kelly Lange