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Northport High School

National Honor Society


The National Honor Society is a national organization which recognizes those students who excel in academic achievement, leadership and academic integrity, and contribute to their school and community. Members of the honor society at Northport High School uphold the high standards which are the framework for the national organization and provide a variety of school and community services. 

Each year, eligibility is open to any sophomore, junior or senior. Criteria for induction include:

  • Cumulative GPA of 93 or higher

Applications to the National Honor Society must include:

  1. Proof of at least TWO (2) school sponsored extra/co-curricular activities OR sports for EACH YEAR of high school. Each activity must be completed through the duration of that activity (i.e. one complete sports season, or one year of a club, etc.) Clubs need not be the same each year, but must be completed for that school year. Each activity listed must have THE COACH/ADVISOR signature attached to that activity.  

  2. Proof of at least FIVE (5) hours of community service OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. Each community service activity must have the description and advisor’s signature.

Eligibility letters for all students who meet the GPA requirement are emailed home to each student in early March. Students are notified of their admission status in April.

National Honor Society advisors are Mrs. Cromeyn ( and David LaMagna (