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Ocean friendly STEM projects debut at Fifth Avenue

Ocean friendly STEM projects debut at Fifth Avenue  thumbnail162518

Fifth graders in Christine Shaw’s class at Fifth Avenue Elementary School have been working hard to design ocean cleaning prototypes using discarded materials like soda bottles, cardboard and plastic cups.

As part of their earth science unit, the students were split up into six groups and given the option to design a prototype that would either clean the ocean’s floor or surface.

Some of the students’ projects included the use of drone technology, like the “D-Tech3” or the “Kermit the Frog,” while others designed a machine, not unlike a submarine, that would scour the ocean floor for plastics and debris. Each of the prototypes included methods that would allow for fish, water and sand to pass through the machine unharmed.

Once complete, the students will show off and explain their creations to other fifth graders within the school.