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NMS Community Service Club Helps Create World’s Longest Paper Chain through Kids for Peace

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Members of Northport Middle School’s community service club are taking part in assembling the worlds longest paper chain through global organization Kids for Peace. The iniative will conclude with a Guiness World Record event in California, where the worlds longest paperchain made of messages of love, peace and hope will be assembled and presented by Kids for Peace volunteers. 

Students from around the world, including right here in Northport, cut strips of recycled carboard and paper into the appropriate size and decorated them with positive messages promoting kindness. Each of these paper “love links’ will then be mailed directly to the organization, who will use them to assemble the ‘Kindness Unites Paperchain” from November 11 to November 14 in Carlsbad, CA. The paper chain is expected to reach over 110 miles long once assembled. 

The paper chain is intended to remind people that we are all “linked by love.” Once assembled and recorded by the Guiness World Records, the paper chain will be separated into pieces and donated to local hospitals, senior centers, libraries and more. 

More information about the initiative can be found on the Kids for Peace website: