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Students Honor Servicemen and Women for Veteran's Day

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Across all school buildings, students of the Northport-East Northport school district could be found learning about Veteran’s Day. From history lessons to conversations with alumni veterans, students and staff took the time to recognize and express gratitude for the sacrifices our servicemen and women have made for our country.  

Elementary students created videos performing patriotic songs to be shared with the Long Island State Veteran’s Home and thanking them for their service. At Northport Middle School, the Ambassador Club, which focuses on supporting veterans, enjoyed a guest speaker who shared his father’s stories of World War II and taught the students about the life of a soldier during that time period. 

Northport High School hosted their annual panel of veteran’s through Project V.E.T.S.  While traditionally several veterans join, the panel this year was focused on veterans who enlisted around the time of 9/11 in honor of the 20th anniversary of that tragic day. The panel was moderated by social studies teachers Mr. John DeRosa and panelists were fellow combat veterans and NHS graduates Ashling Gaines and Ricky Silechio along with teacher and veteran Darryl St. George. Each of the veterans shared stories about what led them to enlist as well as about their time in the military.