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Students for 60,000 Present Work for 2021-22 Year

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The Northport High School Students for 60,000 club is thrilled to be back to traveling and continuing their mission to “help and empower those in need.” Throughout the school year, the club participated in a variety of charitable and action-oriented activities, both locally and through a trip to Kermit, West Virginia. 
Locally, students supported the Island Harvest pantry through volunteering and packing foods at their warehouse. They also participated in a “midnight run,” which has ties to the club’s roots of supporting the homeless population in New York City. The “midnight runs” provide necessary items to homeless throughout the city. 
While visiting West Virginia, students met with programs such as ABLE Families, Crossroads Recovery Center and New Heights and Williamson Behavioral Health Clinic. During these visits, students learned about the impact of opioids and addiction on the local community and how various center are working to help those in need. 
Additionally, students met with peers attending Tug Valley High School. During that visit, students said they experienced a “major moment” when discussing what they were or were not proud of at their respective schools. They learned about each other and found commonalities which helped them bond.  
Finally, students visited the community projects where they got to work helping renovate a former club, which is transitioning to a gospel dinner show venue. Students also created a “blessing box,” which is a shelving unit that locals can access for various necessities. With regard to this project, students said “the majority of our trip served the purpose of creating psychological connections with the people of Kermit, but this project left a visible mark on our contribution to the community.”
Looking ahead, students are excited about continuing their work locally, nationally and worldwide.