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Reduce Single-Use!

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NHS was visited by Atlantic Marine Conservation Society biologist Allison DePerte on March 27 to teach students about the dangerous effects of marine debris on our environment.

The visit was organized and hosted by the high school’s Environment Team. In order to make the message more widespread, Northport High School’s biology students and third-graders that are a part of the district-wide “Investigate” program were invited to attend as well.

Groups of students listened intently as Ms. DePerte shared dangers of pollution, how it affects local and global marine life, and explained how local beach cleanups can be extremely effective.

“Recent studies have shown that, in one month, over 1.7 million food wrappers and 1.5 million plastic bottles can be found washed up on beaches all around the world,” Ms. DePerte told students. “Do we think that’s a big problem?”

The auditorium responded with a resounding yes.

Additionally, Ms. DePerte spoke to students about the waste we create with single-use plastic items, such as straws and disposable utensils, and shared that Americans, between the ages of five and 65, use upwards of 35,000 straws.

After the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask additional questions. E-Team students imparted some of their own wisdom to the younger students as well, urging them to “reduce your use.” E-Team students also shared with Ms. DePerte their plans on proposing a town ban on Styrofoam. and are planning on handing out reusable straws during Earth Week.