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Freshmen are welcomed at Northport

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Northport High School’s auditorium was bustling with the chatter for the first time since the start of summer vacation as incoming freshmen attended their two-hour orientation on Aug. 28. 

To kick the morning off, students watched a short video, titled “A Day in the Life of a Normal High School Student,” which showed clips of energetic pep rallies, football games, theater productions, concerts and robotics competitions. Administrators, students and teachers alike repeatedly encouraged the ninth graders to get involved in those after school clubs and activities.

“There’s something for everyone at this school,” High School Principal Daniel Danbusky said. “Don’t wait. Jump in with both feet wet.”

Prior to meeting in the auditorium, students were encouraged to write questions, such as where certain facilities were located and how to make an appointment in the counseling center, which were answered by a panel composed of two students, two counselors, a teacher and Mr. Danbusky.

After the last question was heard and answered, freshmen made their way into the school’s common area, located near the main entrance, where they received their schedules for the upcoming school year. Seniors also conducted walking tours to help familiarize the incoming students with the school.

The orientation concluded with a complementary barbeque. Even the occasional pockets of rain didn’t stop hundreds of freshmen from grabbing a burger or hotdog.